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Steven David Rosov of Vosor creates a captivating new TV pilot: "Lucky".

new TV pilot discusses "the story of one man's journey through the $60 billion-a-year personal luxury car industry, where life can be both surreal & rewarding."

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2021 / -- Steven David Rosov, CEO of Vosor is excited to announce a new television show pilot he and his team at Vosor have created and filmed. The show is centered around a protagonist in the world of high-end cars. In short, it is about how their lives are often surreal and rewarding. "Lucky" will focus heavily on storytelling with its characters rather than just showing off flashy cars or lavish lifestyles. The show will be anchored in reality by being filmed entirely on location. The pilot episode is set to air in May 2022.

From his earliest memories, David Steven Rosov has been an avid car enthusiast, with customizing cars playing a large part in his life from early on. In high school he began working on restoring a Jaguar E-Type with his father. Steven David Rosov was born and raised in the quiet, charming village of Dedham, Essex before he moved to the United States around the age of 13.

After his family settled in Miami, Florida, Steven was passionate about two things, cars and movies. Each year Steven and his father would go to luxury car shows together. This was one of Steven David's favorite memories of his father. After losing his father in 2018, David Steven Rosov was all the more motivated to work on a project that would honor his father's memory.

About Vosor and Steven David Rosov

Steven David Rosov developed and runs Vosor in Palm Beach, Florida. Vosor is a boutique video production and post-production company.
As a youngster growing up in such a tiny village, Dan David Rosov had an insatiable desire to go on adventures. For birthdays and holidays, he begged his parents for audio-visual equipment and costumes so that he might make homemade films for his friends and relatives. He was aided by a steady stream of family and friends, who worked on multi-part videos for him. He then cut them with remarkable skill and precision on his computer, generating an impressive body of work in the process.

Steven was resolved to take any video production courses or programs that were available during his senior and sophomore years of high school and college. In 2011, he was accepted at Florida International University to study cinema and video production. After completing his education, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in video production.

Since then, he's worked at a variety of businesses, including as a production and post-production technician. David Steven Rosov worked as a junior cinematographer/editor, a video producer, and a production lead before founding Vosor. He subsequently set out on his own and founded Vosor after gaining the necessary experience.

More about "Lucky"

Lucky will follow Richard Graham as he navigates life in the high-end, luxury car world where deals can be cutthroat and true friends are hard to come by. It will also explore the various issues that affect this small but important industry. "We believe it offers viewers a rare glimpse into a world most will never experience" says Steven.

Richard Graham is the 66-year-old heir to an automotive dynasty who's been in it since he was born. The patriarch of his family started owning and operating Shelby Cobra's back in 1962.

"Richard has a well-earned reputation as a shrewd businessman who is not easily impressed," Steven David Rosov continued. "At the same time, he has an appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into building cars well over $100,000."

The show follows Richard at his day-to-day dealings in this world. At one point in his life, he was married to a woman who loved him more than anything. But she died, leaving it necessary for him to become the single father of their three kids: Brett, Dakota and Kelly. The reality show will bring you to the edge of your seat with the unscripted drama, heartache, and suspense you crave while also being informative and educational about the luxury car industry in true Steven David Rosov Fashion. For more information, check out or see Steven's interview in Inspirery.

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