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iotLINKS Sets to Disrupt the Environmental Monitoring Industry

Environmental Monitoring in Factories with iotLINKS

Environmental Monitoring in Warehouses with iotLINKS

Environmental monitoring is a crucial aspect of a vast majority of industries, ensuring goods arrive to customers in the very best condition.”
— Negar Mehramiz, VP of Marketing at iotLINKS

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US, December 28, 2021 / -- - For countless industries across the globe, effective monitoring of humidity, temperature, and air pressure within warehouses, factories, storage facilities, and depots is essential. Now, iotLINKS is offering businesses the chance to enjoy live monitoring through its innovative IoT system, ensuring they have complete insight into their properties and can enjoy instant notification should environmental parameters go outside the set range.

Effective environmental monitoring is one of the most crucial aspects for many businesses. From storing food and drugs to chemicals and wooden furniture, maintaining a set level of humidity, temperature, and air pressure are essential to ensure products are not damaged and remain in the very best condition possible. Any changes outside the set parameters of the premises, for example, higher temperatures, increased humidity, and rapid pressure changes can cause items to spoil or packaging to become weakened. This can be incredibly costly and can result in huge losses for companies and warehouse owners.

However, with technology transforming the world we live in, iotLINKS is offering warehouses, factories, storage depots, office owners, and more an innovative real-time environmental monitoring system that utilizes Internet of Things technology. The powerful system can accurately monitor any premises or environment for humidity, temperature, and air pressure in real-time, providing an instant alert to owners and facility managers when they fall outside of the customized parameters. This instant alert can come via text message or email, allowing owners to react instantly, avoiding a delay, and preventing stock from spoiling.

Traditionally, environmental monitoring relies on human interaction, which can make it prone to user error. Not only does this increase the chances of a mistake, but it is also a far more costly process. Physical monitoring also requires an individual to go to sensors to collect and record data, which means requiring 24/7 support 365 days a year.

The innovative real-time monitoring offered by iotLINKS checks the entire system every ten minutes, recording the data in the cloud, ensuring users can access it at any time. Utilizing the Internet of Things, the powerful iotLINKS software features a user-friendly dashboard showcasing real-time and historical data, guaranteeing that businesses and facility managers are always aware of what is happening.

The entirely automated system guarantees that, unlike traditional methods, there is no chance of human error. There is also no delay in transmitting or inputting data, ensuring that should conditions change outside of the parameters, the alarm will be raised immediately, allowing users to respond instantly and prevent goods from becoming damaged. The iotLINKS software also comes with alerts on sensor battery life, system maintenance requirements, and calibration warnings, allowing facility managers to always remain on top of their premises.

iotLINKS’ environmental monitoring system has been designed to work seamlessly with a wide array of businesses and industries. This includes warehousing, food depots, pharmaceutical and chemical factories, industrial freezers and cold rooms, and public storage facilities. It can also be utilized as a part of air conditioning and HVAC systems.

Speaking Negar Mehramiz VP of Marketing at iotLINKS added, “Environmental monitoring is a crucial aspect of a vast majority of industries, ensuring goods arrive to customers in the very best condition. However, it can be a very costly and time-consuming process to undertake manually. That is why we have developed an innovative system that incorporates IoT technology to help facility owners transform how they monitor their property.

Our software will offer real-time, highly accurate information, while our instant alert will ensure that should temperature, pressure or humidity change, facility managers will be able to respond instantly.”

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