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What To Wear For A Holiday Family Photo Shoot: Photographer Jirah Warner Shares Top Tips

Jirah Warner is sharing how you and your family can dress to create your best holiday photos yet

Jirah Warner is sharing how one and their family can dress to create your best holiday photos yet

Jirah Warner Shares How To Make Family Photos Pop During The Holiday Season

TORONTO,, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 24, 2021 / -- The holiday season is all about making memories, and photographer Jirah Warner is sharing how families can dress to create their best holiday photos yet. Here, we'll take a look at some simple ways one can use wardrobe choices to help their family's best features come through on film. 

Tip #1: Add hints of holiday colors. 

Unless they're going for an intense holiday look, there's no need to dress their family in red and green. A few touches of maroon or emerald green can go a long way in bringing out the holiday theme. If they're getting pictures taken with extended family members, be sure to chat about what they'll wear beforehand to avoid an overload of any one holiday color. 

Tip #2: Don't rule out comfy pajamas, says Jirah Warner. 

Coordinating pajamas can be a fun, comfortable way to let their personalities shine through in their family photos. Be sure to plan ahead if they want to go with this option — retail stores often sell out of matching family pajama sets weeks before the holidays. Feel free to go the extra mile by getting a matching set of pajamas for their pet — this can make for an adorable, unexpected addition to their family photos. 

Tip #3: Consider A backdrop. 

Families want to be careful not to blend into their background, says Jirah Warner. If they're shooting in a pine forest, it's smart to avoid a green color scheme for the day of their photos. If they've got a snowy background, think carefully about whether white and cream colors make the most sense. They don't need a stark contrast, but they do want their family to be clear and bold in their photos, Jirah Warner says

Tip #4: Try coordinating accessories. 

Jirah Warner recommends coordinating their accessories to pull the family looks together. There's no reason to go matchy-matchy, but having everyone in a fun holiday hat (reindeer antlers, anyone?) or in colorful scarves can help give their photos a cohesive look without too much planning ahead. If a family tends to do things last-minute, stop by a department store and pick up a few different scarves and hats to provide plenty of options, recommends Jirah Warner

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