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Sourceless Blockchain team members official meeting - December 2021

Sourceless Blockchain teem meeting 2021

Sourceless Blockchain teem meeting 2021

Sourceless Blockchain official logo

Sourceless Blockchain official logo

Sourceless Blockchain team meeting 2021

Sourceless Blockchain team meeting 2021

In this meeting, the founder of Sourceless Blockchain, Alexandru Stratulat, defined and explained the project concept, blockchain features, benefits, and more.

Next year, in 2022, we will prepare the beta version of Sourceless Platform and we will make a much larger event. At the moment we are very satisfied with the results.”
— Alexandru Stratulat
CONSTANTA, CONSTANTA, ROMâNIA, December 21, 2021 / -- All was explained, starting from the basic elements of the blockchain features and rules of functioning and concluding with advantages of using SourceLess platform and the benefits of the end users – both business and non-business.

The discussions were extensive and complex, covering many topics and theoretically solving a multitude of problems in the world in which we live in.

A selection of studied cases with application on the benefits an industry can have from using SourceLess platform was also presented. The main industries referred to were the automotive, educational and sanitary industry. Thus, everyone from these domains can enjoy what Sourceless Blockchain is offering through the simple acquisition of a domain- str.domain- over which one can have lifetime ownership.

Although blockchains are very secure and inviolable, machine learning and deep learning technologies can make applications even more secure by running alongside blockchain. SourceLess Blockchain is an innovative software product that aims to revolutionize the way we think about blockchains today. The platform Alexandru Stratulat points at, is based on a new decentralized concept. More precisely Web 3.0 that is the next step of web evolution, which will make the internet more intelligent and will process information with near-human intelligence through the power of AI systems which can run intelligent programs to help the users.

Bogdan Voinea, one of the Co-Founders of Sourceless Blockchain, explained how insurance companies can introduce innovative business models, improve services, optimize various operations, and secure their entire network through encryption. As cars approach full connectivity, electric and autonomous propulsion, the need for a well-developed and coordinated database increases. At the same time, the presence of technology in the construction of a car can present a security breach.

The energy industry has been constantly catalyzed by innovations, including rooftop solar, electric vehicles and smart metering, all of which can be streamlined and controlled through Sourceless Platform. The Distributed Ledger Technology used in this project has the potential to improve the efficiency of utility providers by tracking the chain of custody for network materials. Beyond source tracking, Sourceless Blockchain offers unique solutions for renewable energy distribution.

In the academic sector, Bogdan Voinea talked about the current education industry, which faces the same challenges that have dragged it down for years. These include inefficient paper-keeping processes, lack of transparency, poor accountability of students and teachers, lack of real motivation for students to learn and perform better in class, and lack of confidence in the educational merits and academic diplomas of students due to counterfeiting.

Alexandru Stratulat specified how Sourceless Blockchain allows the installation of a node in the car software, with a size less than 1 MB, so that any security problem is canceled by not allowing any virus or malware to run.

At the moment there are a lot of problems in the logistics industry. What was explained during the meeting could solve all these problems. Manufacturers of goods around the world can use Sourceless Blockchain to create digital certificates for each product. This can help consumers, but also distributors to immediately detect the origin of a product, regardless of the reason for the request.
For example, such certificates can be used on food, and the entire route of the goods can be traced immediately if a consumer finds an altered product or is simply not satisfied with the promised quality.

During the event were mentioned the main technologies of Sourceless platform: Ccoin Network – the fintech system based on blockchain technology which focuses on P2P and B2B monetary transactions and WISP – the communication app available through the platform.
Not much has been discussed about these two technologies, but we will briefly present what they represent.

Wisp is a social media platform built on the SourceLess Blockchain. The platform will use the peer-to-peer system without the help of a central administrator so participants (computers, mobile phones, etc.) are linked together with equal permissions and responsibilities for data processing.
While Ccoin Network, is a Fintech ecosystem, based on Ethereum Blockchain, as token-type ERC20. The core of the fintech, has the purpose of canceling all the fees and other costs that are inevitable in any financial – valued transaction, and to bring “easiness on using” any FIAT-crypto-FIAT operations for anyone that will use our services.

This meeting was an exclusive one, (only for the team members) and a public one will be held soon.

We hope to see more updates on these technologies discussed at the event.
For more information about the meeting and about Sourceless, you can visit their official website at

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