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Mags Lybolt Launches Two New Inspirational Books

COLORADO, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2021 / -- Magdalena "Mags" Lybolt is an experienced author with a unique approach to her writing. In the past, she has published titles under a pen name in order to remove herself from the very personal process of a book finding its way to a reader through a meaningful and at times, spiritual connection. Two new titles are now launching with subjects sure to reach the hearts, minds, and souls of a large audience yearning for the genuine, meaningful prose synonymous with Mags Lybolt.

"You Got This" is a book with the goal of encouraging and blessing everyone who reads it. The material in this book consists of several short readings that may be used to assist readers in recognizing their genuine selves and developing healthy behaviors. Readers will find inspiration to build a life that matters, in ways that are meaningful and memorable. With positive texts throughout the book, readers will feel encouraged to take on all of their dreams and ambitions with "You Got This". Readers will find themselves encouraged and inspired to build a life that matters.

"Prayers to Pray Over Your Children" is a book of short prayers that you can read to and/or with your children. Noticing a scarcity of literature for parents who desired to pray alongside their children, Mags desired to fill this critical need. This book is written with parents and guardians in mind, and it is meant to help them pray at all hours of the day and night. "Prayers to Pray Over Your Children” was written to help parents select from a variety of prayer forms while also assisting them in creating unique prayers for their children. Many parents are unsure about the sort of prayer to say; therefore, this book was created to offer examples of both sorts of prayers as well as blessings that parents may say over their children on a regular basis.

Mags has found inspiration in her personal life experiences as a mother as well as the lives of those around her in order to write these two new titles. She is excited to share these books with the world and hopes that they will reach and encourage as many people as possible.

About the author

Mags Lybolt is an experienced entrepreneur along with being an author. Mags understands that to start and run a business, write many books, and be an excellent, attentive mother to her children is a big responsibility to which she is inimitably committed.

Mags' extensive knowledge for the business world was largely due to her MBA in business from Purdue University. Her emphasis in the business world would settle on the marketing and technology sectors. During a time in which most businesses were crumbling due to a recession, Mags was establishing a successful marketing firm before she had even hit 30. Mags would then go on to pursue a career in business development. She saw the fantastic opportunity to assist doctors in marketing, creating, establishing, and expanding their enterprises. The firm grew quickly and was quite successful. After the company's purpose was achieved, she decided to pursue additional business opportunities (including selling this one).

Mags now greatly enjoys her work as an author. She loves to help people through her writing and connect with individuals on a more personal level. Mags Lybolt desires that her books will reach people in a way that touches their hearts, encourages them, and helps them to grow spiritually. She is certain that those drawn to "You Got This" and "Prayers to Pray Over Your Children" will find them moving, encouraging, and uplifting. For more information, visit her website. Interviews with Mags Lybolt have also recently been featured in Inspirery and Ideamensch.

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