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NFTY is Offering Solutions to Current Crypto and NFT Problems

ZUG, Switzerland, Dec. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NFTY, a blockchain-based company delivering an all-in-one platform for crypto enthusiasts and users, has recently announced its plan of offering viable and sustainable solutions to existing crypto and NFT problems. While the NFT market has experienced a surge in interest and value in the last couple of months, the emerging market is plagued with a few sticking points. NFTY, through its platform, NFTY Portal, is seeking to eliminate these problems.

Introducing a smart chain feature charged with the responsibility of making informed decisions on the network's health status instead of relying on network peers, NFTY will eliminate lingering security issues facing both traders and crypto projects alike. Demi-nodes on the NFTY Portal help the project's desktop and web wallets make knowledgeable decisions on how to treat nodes that are not trusted for a self-cleaning network. Furthermore, these demi-nodes require a minimal CPU prerequisite to run as nodes on the NFTY Chain, thus, allowing mobile devices to run as nodes and provide additional security to the network.

The flash sync facet featured in the NFTY desktop and web wallets helps to completely dispel the need for users to wait, most of the time for minutes, for wallets to synchronize. This is done while retaining the maximum security level.

Yet another problem-solving feature of NFTY Portal is the on-chain data storage. Currently, NFT creators have to pay a third-party service website to store relevant mint transaction data, then pay these service sites an extra fee to access saved data to make a sale. NFTY Portal's on-chain data storage feature will enable these prospective NFT creators to mint and store relevant data on-chain with a transaction ID for verification. Additionally, the direct display facet simplifies the selling process by offering these creators or artists an opportunity to display their transaction IDs which, in turn, will link prospective buyers to their minted NFTs seamlessly.

Lowering the cost of minting is an exciting feature of the NFTY Portal. Most NFT creators spend as much as $120 to mint their tokens on various blockchains. NFTY will afford these creators an opportunity to mint not only at an extremely lower rate but directly from their computers via the NFTY desktop wallet.

NFTY is also offering an all-in-one platform for all of its users' needs. Managing multiple crypto wallets, exchanges, and recently NFT marketplaces have become a herculean task for most crypto enthusiasts. NFTY, through its portal, seeks to dispel this existing sticking point by delivering a decentralized exchange [DEX], a crypto platform with 3 unique coins—NFTY Space, NFTY Motion, and NFT Time—and an NFT marketplace for creators, artists, collectors, etc.

With plans underway to launch more features, NFTY is positioning itself as a future leader of not only the booming NFT space but by extension, the trillion-dollar crypto market.

About NFTY

NFTY is a blockchain-based solution for NFT and the crypto market. Delivering a plethora of innovative and advanced features, NFTY seeks to simplify the NFT creation, minting, and auction phase, helping cut back unnecessary processes. NFTY is designed with three unique coins that will serve as a reward coin, a payment coin, and a governance token respectively.

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