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VisibilityOne Stops IT Sweeps and Runners at the Line of Scrimmage

Best of Show AVTechnology 2021 VisibilityOne

Best of Show 2021

Imagine an AI tool that can cut down your mean time to repair by 90%, significantly reduce your Trouble-Tickets, and resolve collaboration problems on one UI.

VisibilityOne delivers a single view of multiple hardware vendors and cloud services. Not toggling between multiple dashboards and complex tools is truly a game-changer.”
— Dave V. - IT leader and strategist at US Foods
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2021 / -- VisibilityOne does that by not just finding the root cause, but by uprooting the problem permanently.

Other monitoring platforms will have you believe the existing 5 step methodology of, detect, report, alert, Trouble-Ticket, response, is the best possible process and outcome you can expect.

At VisibilityOne we’ve changed the process: our powerful UC&C monitoring and AI platform works in real-time and combines “detect – report – alert” into one step, subsequently, our patented application can self-heal and/or failover, cutting down by multitudes Trouble Tickets, and responses.

In a recent study of over 1000 video-enabled rooms over 80% of Trouble-Tickets were related to the AV connected devices i.e., mics, cameras, speakers. With VisibilityOne’s powerful self-healing and device fail-over, you and your customer will be able to avoid most of those incidents whether you’re a single platform or multiplatform user of MS Teams, Zoom, Poly, Cisco, and more.

Just imagine the significance of our self-healing feature, the average enterprise processes over 2300 Trouble-Tickets a month. The average time to respond to a trouble ticket is 24 hours add to that the time to repair and restore. Imagine eliminating 100’s of trouble tickets, and technician visits monthly. Only you can calculate the significance of this potential cost reduction based on the number of avoidable collaboration Trouble-Tickets, or needless site sweeps you incur monthly; just how much value does that represent for you?

VisibilityOne monitors all connected devices in the room. This includes cross-vendor products and technology types including IoT, USB, AV. This application provides automatic self-healing capabilities unprecedented in the industry which help create order and logic out of chaos.

Today’s hybrid world also demands remote users be supported adding more pressure on IT support. Our application monitors not only conference rooms but also hybrid user laptops and their connected devices, including live remote desktop hardware view, plus live application, participant, and path diagnostics. VisibilityOne goes further and monitors the video service providers' SLA, and the network service providers' performance to further support the end-to-end management.

VisibilityOne versatile platform provides unparalleled knowledge and brings order and competence to your support efforts. The time to enable your team is now! Click here to schedule a meeting and discover unparalleled knowledge and competency for IT.

Von Bedikian
VisibilityOne Corporation
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