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Nex Medical Solutions makes Preventative Medicine Accessible to Everyone

NEX Medical Solutions

NEX Medical Solutions

NMS 100 Dashboard Test Result

NMS-100 Dashboard Test Result

The NMS-100 generates a detailed report of the body's main regulatory systems: Autonomic Nervous System & Vascular Endothelial Function, via 30+ markers

WIXOM, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, December 19, 2021 / -- US citizens spend an average of $11,000 a year on healthcare, more than the average for most developed countries. Yet, the country doesn't have much to show that will justify such high costs. Experts have revealed that US healthcare is expensive and doesn't meet expectations because the system is built on reactive medicine instead of preventive medicine.

What's The Difference Between Preventive And Reactive Medicine?

Just as the names imply, preventive medicine has to do with medical practices designed to prevent illness and sickness by early disease detection. Medical experts pay close attention to their patients and tackle any ailments before it becomes a serious medical problem. Reactive medicine is the treatment of a disease that has already occurred and usually begins when a patient is symptomatic. Preventive medicine begins prior to any symptoms, relies heavily on a healthy lifestyle and early disease process detection, considers a patient’s familial medical history, and requires patients to take responsibility for their health. Preventing a disease from occurring requires advanced technology, work, and dedication and, if practiced, will help reduce the cost of healthcare. Unfortunately, most people don't commit to taking care of their health the way they should, nor do they have access to the technology necessary for early disease detection. That's why the most common approach is reactive medicine that involves treating illnesses after they have occurred.

Challenges Facing Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers are always willing to collaborate with patients to find the best ways to help them with their health issues. However, specific, and inherent challenges have prevented them from achieving success in this regard. Some of the challenges doctors face when trying to deliver quality healthcare in a preventive capacity include:

- Lack of access to early disease detection technology that helps physicians quickly identify risk factors and diseases, years earlier than conventional means.

-Most primary healthcare offices don't have the technology and resources that drive a visceral understanding of a patient’s personal disease risks and a means of continually improving patient compliance.

-A new technology that focuses on preventive medicine requires some commitment to be effectively implemented.

Effective Use of Modern Technology Is the Answer

Implementing preventive medicine will be challenging for medical practitioners unless effective technology is utilized. That's why companies like Nex Medical Solutions are advancing the frontiers of medical service delivery with state-of-art technology. One of their products, the NMS-100, transcends the boundaries of medical care and empowers physicians with the best technology to deliver preventive healthcare solutions to their patients.

Within 10 minutes, this non-invasive medical device generates over 30-markers and data points that provide physicians with accurate clinical data to quickly and accurately identify the early risk of disease and define the most effective personalized treatment plan to prevent or reverse patient disease.

The NMS-100 assists physicians to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the body’s main homeostatic regulatory systems: the autonomic nervous system and the vascular endothelial function. When these regulatory systems fail or are stressed beyond their genetic potential, then disease can occur. By assessing these regulatory functions with the NMS-100, physicians are now able to detect future disease potential while treatment options can still prevent onset. Furthermore, the NMS-100 provides patients with an easy-to-understand health scoring system that stimulates patient compliance by understanding the severity of their disease risk. The system also formulates a personalized and targeted wellness program to foster a healthy lifestyle that is necessary for effective preventive medicine.

The NMS-100 supports Nex Medical Solutions’ passion and commitment to improving preventive medicine. With this powerful technology at their disposal, doctors will no longer be forced to practice reactive medicine. Instead, they'll have everything they need to study and understand their patient's medical needs and identify imminent medical issues before it becomes a problem. As a result, doctors will be more effective in their medical service delivery, while patients reduce the cost of healthcare for themselves and their families. The NMS-100 is a transcending device that will substantially benefit patients and medical professionals.

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About Nex Medical Solutions

NEX Medical Solutions is a leader in population health management and committed to empowering medical practitioners with advanced technologies that improve (a) healthcare results, (b) foster patient compliance, and (c) increase practice revenue.

The organization leverages cutting-edge medical technology enabling early disease detection and services that efficiently position healthcare providers with a deeper understanding of their patient's overall health (in a preventive capacity), thereby enabling them to provide the best patient healthcare possible.

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