Healthie Now Offering Diet ID, the Fastest Validated, Comprehensive Dietary Assessment

Healthie now offers Diet ID's real time dietary assessment and goal setting toolkit

Diet ID, a breakthrough advance in dietary assessment, is now integrated with Healthie, an all-in-one health and wellness telehealth platform.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, December 14, 2021 / -- Diet ID, an evidence-based nutritional well-being toolkit, is now integrated with Healthie, an all-in-one health and wellness telehealth platform.

This offering allows dietitians and other health and wellness professionals to rapidly measure and monitor diet quality, a notoriously difficult and time-consuming task using conventional methods. The integration will allow providers to quickly understand and react to patients’ dietary intake, allowing truly personalized care.

While most dietary assessment methods rely on memory or labor-intensive tracking, Diet ID uses a patent-pending, this-or-that image-based technology that matches every patient to a unique dietary pattern, complete with a diet quality indicator and comprehensive nutrient and food group breakdown. The toolkit also includes a realtime nutrition plan builder, empowering patients to make better food choices over the long term.

Providers using the Healthie platform can now add this innovative tool to their package for the discounted price of $9.99 a month, a huge value-add to their current membership. Healthie’s web and mobile platform enables providers to run their business with scheduling, EHR, billing, and documents sharing. It also encourages providers to build long-term relationships with clients through engagement tools like Care Plans, food and lifestyle logging, and integrations with wearables.

“We are delighted to add our assessment and goal setting modules to Healthie’s nutrition platform,” said Dina Aronson, a registered dietitian nutritionist and Director of Nutrition Programming at Diet ID. “Thousands of nutrition providers will now have instant access to a fast and elegant way to assess and manage their patients’ eating habits.”

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer the Diet ID assessment within the Healthie platform to offer our providers a clinically-driven way to monitor client dietary intake and make informed, real-time, personalized care recommendations from results of these assessments," said Erica Jain, CEO at Healthie.

To try Healthie for free, providers can visit the Healthie registration page. Providers already using the Healthie platform can add on Diet ID by visiting this Diet ID x Healthie page ( and filling out the request form.

About Healthie
Healthie is a comprehensive white-label and API platform that serves as the underlying infrastructure for health and wellness organizations that want to deliver accessible, digital-first healthcare. Founded in 2016, Healthie’s HIPAA-compliant software includes a comprehensive feature set for offering virtual provider services, and spans EHR, practice management, coaching and client communication. As a result, organizations launch and scale services faster by avoiding re-creating the wheel, foster long-term relationships with clients, and ultimately offer a preventative, personalized care experience that leads to better health outcomes. To learn more, visit or contact

About Diet ID
Diet ID utilizes a novel, patent-pending approach to dietary assessment based on pattern recognition, rather than the customary recall. The system, accessible via any web-enabled device, generates a comprehensive assessment of dietary intake- diet type, diet quality (using the Healthy Eating Index 2015), daily servings of all major food groups, and levels of 150 nutrients- in as little as 60 seconds. Available in English and Spanish, the image-based app is ideal for low literacy populations. For more information on Diet ID, visit

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