Pacifica Orthopedics Announces Exclusive, Proven Synvisc One Fluid Sup-plement for Chronic Osteoarthritis Sufferers

Natural lubrication alleviates intense pain and stiffness and is an effective alternative to drugs or surgery

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2021 / -- Pacifica Orthopedics, a leading Orthopedic Care Center serving the community for over 25 years, today announced it is providing relief from intense, painful osteoarthritis with the treatment of Synvisc One injections.

Osteoarthritis occurs when protective cartilage in joints such as the knee and hip gradually degenerates. Joints that have lost cartilage cause intense mechanical and inflammatory-based pain due to exposed bone, which has traditionally been treated with medications or even joint replacement.

But Synvisc One restores the cartilage lubrication barrier with hyaluronic acid-based treatments. The successful result is the replenishment of lubrication that is similar to the protection of natural cartilage found within the joints.

“The ingredient in Synvisc One, hyaluronic acid, is a lubricating fluid that exists naturally in your body,” said orthopedic surgeon Dr. Emile P. Wakim from Pacifica Orthopedics. “The lubricating injection can re-move terrible pain from joints that have lost cartilage over time. Although osteoarthritis has no absolute cure, my patients who have suffered from osteoarthritis and are not finding sufficient relief from NSAIDs, physical therapy, prescribed rest or prescription medications are now pain free due to the success of these simple Synvisc One injections. The benefits are immense and patients find incredible relief.”

In many cases, just a single injection of Synvisc One can replenish the synovial fluid properties in the joint and help counter the mechanical and inflammatory-based pain and discomfort associated with osteoarthritis.

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