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Expert Digital Marketer is helping businesses combine VR, AR and the metaverse to discover new ways to connect with customers

LONDON, ENDLAND, UNITED KINGDON, December 10, 2021 / -- Chris Bicourt, Digital Marketer and Futurist, has a proven track-record in producing results. Recently he’s begun exploring the use of blockchain based Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality opportunities to expand brand awareness and connect his clients with their customers. The effect is profound.

“The market is always changing and always growing. Technology affords us new opportunities and we must embrace them. Businesses that want to prosper must be prepared to embrace entirely new ways of connecting.” - Christopher Bicourt

With years of marketing experience behind him, Chris Bicourt has developed a solid platform to grow from. His copywriting and innovative marketing plans have impacted the bottom line of many businesses. Now, as the internet begins moving towards an entirely new concept, called the ‘metaverse’, he is hoping to help businesses learn how to take advantage of incredible new opportunities.

Chris’s early career was spent combining his storytelling skills with technology to the benefit of those he worked for. His desire for positive results led Chris to learn and grow in the marketing space. One of his most effective strategies is ‘social selling’. For this, he uses a highly targeted and individualized social media strategies to garner effective results. Leveraging the latest technologies has paved the way for many companies to see increased sustainable growth. This is a case of the numbers speaking for themselves.

The successful marriage of technology and communication skills allowed Chris to identify a new and positive opportunity for his clients. This is where blockchain, the tool for the future, comes in. Currently, he is using it for Art and Artists through Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sales. This ensures secure and transparent transactions. It also provides a base of information to track ownership. In the past, art and artists of all kinds have been subject to a variety of problems, including, but not limited to piracy, release to the public domain space against their will, and unlawful manipulation of their work. Art can now be sold on the market, get tracked by the same marketplace, and copyright can be protected.

“The future impact of blockchain on the economy has yet to be seen. It’s still early but the potential is incredible. What it is already doing for artists has inspired me to help grow its awareness and use for all those around me.” - Christopher Bicourt

The metaverse is not a new concept. The idea of a virtual universe where humans can live and interact with each other has been explored by a myriad of science fiction books and movies. However, it’s no longer science fiction – more and more companies are embracing Virtual and Augmented reality as the essential technology of the future. Many people are in the development space. Many more are buying VR headsets and experiencing it from the consumer side. Now, marketers need to get on board and start understanding what this means for how businesses can engage with their customers in the future.

As this fledgling market grows, security will need to evolve with it. Current security protocols are nearly all platform-dependent and designed for a 2D linear world. Blockchain offers de-centralized universal protocol for protecting creators and owners from theft and ensuring that any transaction, whether in the virtual or real world, can be tracked. This is why blockchain ownership platforms and payment methods to sustain the future of technology-based markets are growing so fast.

This rapid growth has not gone unnoticed by the big brands. Many are researching how to leverage the tools to create brand awareness. Facebook recently announced 10,000 new jobs and a name change to reflect its mission to build a metaverse. Epic Games announced a $1 billion spend to do the same. Some companies are sponsoring the development of programs in exchange for commercial placement within the virtual world. Some are buying acknowledgments in augmented reality games. Ultimately, forward-facing businesses are looking to VR and the metaverse for unique opportunities to engage directly with their customers.

“A small brand can learn more and pivot faster than a large one.” - Chris Bicourt

Taking in the knowledge and experience he’s built as a marketer, Christopher has applied those skills to this new technology. He is marrying old with new to create a future for those who are just becoming aware of NFTs, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. He is applying this knowledge to pave the way for success in a completely new area for his clients, using blockchain for sales and growth.

As blockchain continues to see new use cases, it has become clear that its potential goes way beyond just cryptocurrency. It takes a futurist’s vision to see the endless possibilities and Chris Bicourt intends to be that futurist. The challenge presented by a new market opportunity and the uncertainty of what may come is scary, but those who readily embrace change will be the leaders of the future. This is exactly how he Chris has developed his business and marketing skill throughout the years – taking that chance, embracing that change. Blockchain will become one more tool in his arsenal of successful approaches for himself and those he serves.

Christopher intends to see the future on behalf of his clients and pave the way to success.

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