212Quest Presents the Mexico to Costa Rica Travel Quest Adventure

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- 212Quest, the travel company that combines tours with treasure hunts, today announced that travel enthusiasts can now register for the open road Mexico to Costa Rica travel quest adventure.

“Normal road trips are boring. But the 212Quest Mexico to Costa Rica bus trip brings a different vibe that travelers will love and enjoy,” says Avi. And travel lovers that have always wondered what they would do on a Mexico to Costa Rica travel trip will like this open road trip. They will visit the country’s diverse terrain, lush forests, tropical beaches, and wildlife reserves.

“Plus, the adventurous treasure hunt we have put together will add to the fun and their exploration of these cities' hidden gems. The treasure hunts are challenging but highly-engaging games that will help travelers break their travel boundaries, have more interaction with the locals, and learn more about both countries' rich culture and history.”

Travel lovers will hunt down clues that lead them to different destinations across Mexico, Guatemala with a grand stop at San Jose, Costa Rica. Apart from the treasure hunts, participants also stand a chance of getting up to 100%, 50%, or 25% refund of their participatory fees when they become the quest’s first place, second place, and third place winners.

Interested participants should visit https://212quest.com/ to learn more about Mexico to Costa Rica travel quest adventure and participation requirements.

About 212Quest
212Quest is a travel adventure company that organizes adventurous world travels that go beyond the norm. What we do differently is – offer you a new form of traveling that is challenging, engaging, and highly entertaining by adding treasure hunts to make for a truly unique experience. Can you solve real-life puzzles or follow adventurous trails that lead to dreamy and mysterious locations around the world? Then this travel adventure might be the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you have been waiting for.

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