PathogenX Revolutionizes the Medical Waste Sector

PathogenX protects the environment

PX2- PathogenX's new technology

PathogenX launches in the US with its newest technology to offer safe, legal and efficient medical disposal

CHARLESTON, SC, UNITED STATES, December 16, 2021 / -- An innovative medical waste management company PathogenX announces the approval of its latest technology PX2 in the major states such as California, New England, New York, and Texas markets.

The PX2 was designed with the needs of medical practices and healthcare systems in mind. The PX2 provides a safe, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to dispose of sharps and red bag waste, transforming these infectious items into a solid block of harmless material that can be tossed out with the regular trash. The patent pending technology, approved by the EPA, employs a double-batch, dry heat sterilization process to convert both sharps and red bag waste into a harmless solid, which can be disposed of in the common garbage.

If you’re a healthcare facility, using a medical waste haul-away service to process your regulated medical waste this can be very expensive. The patent pending design has many benefits:

Dual Independent Chamber Processing with staggered start features that allows for flexibility in processing up to 12 gallons per day.

Antimicrobial Technology is embedded, reducing the transfer of bacteria and viruses.

Air Cooled design includes an advanced UV air filtration system that eliminates odors and exceeds state EPA requirements.

Smart Technology equipped with Bluetooth, WiFi, and loT Enabled, onboard storage of waste processing log, and a user-friendly touch screen.

Sleek Design that fits on countertops or our optional rolling base with cabinet storage.

The Future of Medical Waste Management is Here!

The PX2™ works by heating your sharps and red bag waste containers to 400F, transforming your medical waste into a solid, non-toxic brick, which kills all pathogens. All forms of regulated medical waste are rendered sterile and in compliance with all federal EPA, CDC and OSHA standards and guidelines.

Take Control of your Medical Waste:
PathogenX is changing the way small-to-medium medical waste generators manage their regulated medical waste. It’s as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Place your medical waste containers in the PX2
2. Press start
3. Once the cycle is complete, throw your medical waste container in the common trash.

To learn more about PathogenX, and PX2, please visit OR CALL 1-800-920-0511 to learn more about financing and discount options.

About PathogenX: The mission of PathogenX, Inc. is to reimagine and change the way health care practitioners manage their infectious waste by offering an economic, efficient and environmentally safe solution, which also serves to eliminate liability. Learn more at safe solution, which also serves to eliminate liability. Learn more at

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