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Aron Govil: How Responsible Entrepreneurs Choose Projects to Improve the World

Aron Govil: How Responsible Entrepreneurs Choose Projects to Improve the World

Aron Govil: How Responsible Entrepreneurs Choose Projects to Improve the World

According to CEO Aron Govil, Company Projects Can Help Build and Change for the Better.

JACKSONVILLE, FL, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2021 / -- In a world saturated with businesses of all kinds, some leaders believe their company should do more than just provide a service or product. Aron Govil is Chairman and CEO of Ducon Group. This international conglomerate contains companies within the industrial engineering, construction, environmental control, material handling, infrastructure, and entertainment sectors all over the world. These large-scale projects have the potential to create a massive impact on the surrounding community, and the company takes that responsibility seriously. Aron Govil made recent comments on how important it is for companies to do the work that is most needed in the world, looking beyond profit and the bottom line. One of his companies supplies large-scale equipment to reduce air pollution and other greenhouse gases from power plants and industrial plants.

Govil believes that it is important for us to create sustainable industrial growth which balances the needs of the environment and conservation of energy. He focuses on businesses that make the earth a better place to live and makes us feel good about our long-term future. A clean environment around us is essential for healthy living. It is very important for people to understand that if don’t take care of our environment, then the air will become polluted with contaminants and toxins that have a harmful impact on our health. Increased air pollution will cause respiratory diseases, cancer, and other problems and diseases. Increased levels of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane will cause massive climate change and global warming with the melting of ice caps. Over the past several decades his companies have completed hundreds of successfully operating installations that continue to clean the atmospheric pollution reliably year after year.

Aron Govil has also worked over the years on many projects crucial for our national security and providing innovative solutions for a better environment. For example, Ducon developed an innovative device during Desert Storm that was installed inside US tanks to remove dust particles causing breathing trouble to soldiers inside the tanks. Another Ducon company was responsible for creating a device that safely destroyed leaking fuel and other toxic chemicals from stockpiles of minuteman missiles being stored for years in underground silos during the Cold War.

Aron Govil got his MBA as a chemical engineer and has received a number of awards for his work. In 2013, he was awarded Person of the Year by Global Indian Magazine. He was named among the top 25 most influential Indians in North America by the Global Indian Organization. In 2007, He was given the Excellence Award for his business and entrepreneurship achievements from the USPAACC.

“I think that business can offer so much more than a profit,” Govil says. “There are so many beneficial ways the business can help support the environment, people, or nature. It’s important to think about how your company is affecting the globe. It’s easy to get caught up in shareholders, clients, and revenue. However, there is a lot of big-picture impacts that don’t always seem as pressing but might be even more important in the long run.”

In 2013, Ducon Technologies Inc. employed around 550 workers and handled $480 million in annual turnover.

“I’d say a lot of our success as a conglomerate and my personal success as CEO is due to our focus on large-scale projects and aggressive stance on growth,” he notes. “Just because we want to better the world doesn’t mean we aren’t creating booming business. I truly enjoy the thrill of accomplishment and that is what keeps me motivated. Our goals are to help people by offering projects that improve the world around us, but we also want to offer jobs and stable businesses that people can depend on. He says the future continues to look bright for the global corporation.”

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