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David Sidoo Provides Service To Elderly At Whole Way House

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, December 3, 2021 / -- For the past few years, Canadian businessman David Sidoo with his wife Manjy and two sons Dylan and Jordan, have lent a helping hand to the Whole Way House (WWH), a Vancouver-Based charity helping out veteran residents. As older generations need assistance with various daily tasks, the need for help from the community goes up. Spending time, money, and energy to improve the quality of life at the Veterans Manor is all part of what Sidoo and others provided over the years.

Whole Way House has always been about creating a safe and welcoming environment for all. COVID-19 brought a lot of need for help worldwide, and that's when WWH started offering COVID-19 meals.

Meals became crucial specifically for those relying on the staff at Veterans Manor. It was no longer allowed to make as much personal contact, so meals needed to be delivered differently. Not only that, but getting out and moving around became that much more challenging with the restrictions.

Suddenly, many at Veterans Manor were more restricted than ever before, making for a very frustrating time. Those who donated time and energy helped them get through the toughest of times, even with COVID-19 still going on at some capacity.

With all that said about COVID-19, they were founded in 2013 to help serve residents in day-to-day life that might be a struggle for them alone. David Sidoo, Manjy, Dylan, and Jordan's donation to Whole Way House is helping with many of the essentials needed every day. Clothing, food, and hygiene products are all donations made recently on Thanksgiving Day.

They also plan to do the same this Christmas. Funding the meals and any way they can serve them is why David and his family get involved. Whether it's the David Sidoo sons Dylan and Jordan helping out by themselves or David and Manjy making appearances, it's all about helping out those who need it most.

David, Manjy, Dylan, and Jordan have always been very quick to help out veterans who helped make Canada a better place when possible. As a child of immigrants from India, he has found a welcoming home in Canada for him and his family. Veterans play a role in protecting the country that ultimately accepted his family.

In the 1970s, Whole Way House began as a place to serve residents of the Avalon Hotel. After going through a few changes throughout the years, the Konkin family founded the Whole Way House in March 2013. They are helping aid all tenants dealing with addiction or mental health issues, providing a safe environment with ways to rehabilitate at one's own pace.

Since then, WWH has offered programs to help reconnect, rebuild, and get life straightened out once again. Whether it's clubs, competitive activities, or one-on-one tenant support, there's something for all to start feeling like a brand new person. Additional information on everything they provide is located on their website.

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