iotLINKS Set to Revolutionize the IoT Technology Market with Innovative Gateway Alfa Launch

Pet Tracking System

Air Quality Control

Solar Panels Power Monitoring & Cleaning

We are really excited to be unveiling Gateway Alfa to the world.”
— Negar Mehramiz, VP of Marketing at iotLINKS
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, November 30, 2021 / -- The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the world, but it can often be seen as a complex and confusing system. However, Gateway Alfa by iotLINKS is the ground-breaking new platform designed to transform how individuals and organizations set up their own applications, providing a truly affordable and convenient solution.

For non-tech individuals, the Internet of Things, or IoT as it is otherwise known, can seem an incredibly confusing world. The term refers to how a system of computing IoT devices interact and work together to achieve a particular goal. This technology has helped to transform how businesses operate, giving them greater control and allowing them to streamline efficiency, reduce manual labour, and save money.

However, while there can be no denying the benefits, establishing IoT technology is often a costly and time-consuming process to implement, until now. Gateway Alfa by iotLINKS is set to transform the industry by providing a ground-breaking convenient, and affordable solution.

While traditional IoT systems are typically expensive, complicated to use, incompatible with other platforms, and prone to bugs, the iotLINKS solution will allow customers to connect anything to everything. Alongside this, the new Gateway Alfa platform is incredibly straightforward to use, ensuring that users no longer need to be hardware engineers or experts in coding.

It is incredibly quick to set up, taking just a few clicks to establish the IoT system, and iotLINKS has created a truly all-in-one platform. The innovative solution has been designed to be used across a wide range of industries. From agriculture irrigation systems and solar power monitoring to monitoring your pets and the quality of air in your home, Gateway Alfa is set to transform how organizations and individuals alike connect with the world around them.

To ensure customers are able to enjoy the most beneficial IoT system on the market, Gateway Alfa also comes with complete Cloud support and a fully customizable dashboard. These are all controlled at a few clicks of a button and do not require any in-depth knowledge; in fact, the system is so simple to use it can be updated by a ten-year-old!

Focusing on IoT applications, iotLINKS is a dedicated company established by Arshon Technology. For over 15 years, Arshon Technology has been leading the way in electronics design and consulting engineering. The brand has created numerous proven designs for countless industries and, over the years, has become synonymous with professionalism, incomparable service, and high-quality workmanship. These core attributes are carried through into iotLINKS and Gateway Alfa, ensuring customers are able to enjoy the very best experience possible.

Set to transform the IoT industry, Gateway Alpha by iotLINKS is available now from For more information on Arshon Technology, visit

Speaking Negar Mehramiz VP of Marketing at iotLINKS added, “We are really excited to be unveiling Gateway Alfa to the world. We know how complex the Internet of Things can appear, particularly to those without any tech experience. That is why we have created our solution to be as simple and as easy to use as possible.

Of course, we didn’t want to just create a solution that is simple to use. Far too often, we have found existing systems are incredibly costly to operate. That is why Gateway Alpha offers the most affordable solution for customers, allowing them to transform their business or home, ensuring everyone can benefit from the incredible advantages that IoT systems provide.”

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