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Kumuya beauty secrets are rooted in a combination of what you eat, what you put on your skin, and how you think.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 25, 2021 / -- Singapore-based wellness brand Kumuya is entering the U.S. for the first time ever to introduce its integrated approach to anti-aging skincare, which considers diet (Nutritive Food), skincare (Nutritive Skin) and mental health (Nutritive Mind).

This November, Kumuya brings its multi-pathway approach to skincare to Americans to help them achieve the healthy glowing skin they dream of. With a philosophy rooted in both plant-derived ingredients and science-proven plant actives, Kumuya focuses on achieving optimal skin health through diet, high potency skincare ingredients and the practice of a positive mind.

To address the anti-aging regime, it offers beauty meal plans via Nutritive Food, clean plant-derived skincare by way of Nutritive Skin, and finally the practise of a positive mind with Nutritive Mind. The hallmark product from the Kumuya Nutritive System are its 100% natural skincare serums, starting with The Illuminate Nutri-Serum Concentrate with Alpha Arbutin, vitamin C and niacinamide, and the Rejuvenate Nutri-Serum Concentrate, including Bakuchiol, Hyaluronic Acid and Magnesium.

“Our research shows that beautiful healthy skin comes from a combination of factors: What you eat, what you put on your skin, and how you feel,” said Kumuya co-founder, Terry Tong. “It all makes sense when you understand that beauty starts from the nourishment you give yourself and we’re here to share this philosophy with a new audience.”

“We are so excited to introduce our integrated skincare approach to Americans where there exists a greater appreciation for clean and alternative methods to natural beauty-care,” added Kumuya co-founder, Gary Chin.

Kumuya was built on a foundation of clean nutrition from superfoods and the founders' background as certified Life Coaches, providing a unique perspective to skin health. Kumuya officially launched in 2020 and is part of the GTCL wellness collection, which started back in 2013 when its founders first introduced pili nuts and stingless bee honey to the world.

Kumuya products are now available in the U.S. at and Amazon. Both the Illuminate Nutri-Serum Concentrate and the Rejuvenate Nutri-Serum Concentrate retail for $89.90 USD.

About Kumuya

Kumuya is a clean wellness brand rooted in the simplicity and purity of Mother Nature. We believe in natural, simple and nutritive products, as well as a complete wellness approach. "Ku" reflects nature; "Mu" embraces impermanence; and "Ya" embodies elegance. Our integrated approach to anti-aging skin care considers diet (Nutritive Food), skincare (Nutritive Skin) and mental health (Nutritive Mind). Our ultimate goal: to help you be beautiful at any age.

Gabriel Chan
communications consultant