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Fending Off Inflation

PASADENA, CA, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2021 / -- Inflation is back and already basic food prices are starting to increase quickly. Beef products are up 25 to 50 percent, milk has risen at least 30 percent, fuel is up at least just as much. And there doesn’t seem to be a slow down in the rate of increase. Utilities, the cost of durable goods, food, energy, clothing, and more are all affected as the power of the U.S. dollar erodes and buying power weakens. It doesn’t help that import channels are being restricted, blocked or shut off, driving up the cost of products that are available due to less supply to meet demand. The basic economics people learned in school are in full swing, and it’s the consumer paying the bill.

Many experts expect that the cost of living is going to double within the next ten years and for sure within two decades from now. Anyone who assumes a basic savings account or a certificate of deposit is going to fend off that value of erosion is out to lunch. Instead, consumers need to take advantage of financial tools that increase their value with new gains at a rate that least matches inflation if not exceeding it. To do that takes an aggressive financial strategy. Here are some of the categories that can work.

Real Estate

There is no question that the value of real estate has historically risen faster than inflation and provided investors the means to grow their money considerably. Granted, in the late 2000s there was a huge dip thanks to wild speculation on mortgage securities, but that was resolved by 2013. And real estate values have been on a tear since.

Working More

Another of the more traditional methods of increasing one’s savings is to work more and bring in more income. To do that, one must do one of two things: earn more for the work being done, or find an extra job. Freelancing and moonlighting have become extremely popular, but there is a cost. There are only so many hours in the day, and long-term heavy work can burn a person out. Ideally, getting a promotion is a better option.

Invest in Stocks and Cryptocurrency

Choose the right stock or cryptocurrency, and your investment can easily outpace inflation. Some of the gains being realized by people in both arenas have easily reached 10 percent per year, and some are even higher, particularly in the digital investment world. However, the more off the beaten path one invests, the higher the risk. Just as fast as one can earn, one can lose their shirts too.

Own Gold and Precious Metals

Utilizing resources like Gold Safe Exchange to position into gold and similar precious metals can be a great hedge against inflation. Gold has historically been a major safe harbor during rough financial times, and it continues to preserve it’s value when government currencies weaken and lose buying power. Buying gold through Gold Safe Exchange or similar converts fiat money (dollars) into pure gold and enjoys a value appreciation while the value of the dollar goes down. The results are, when you need it, far more buying power down the road then if you did nothing. And gold, tends to gain value in bad times instead of losing it.

So, if you want to actively fend off inflation, consider the above. If not, close your eyes, put your money in a piggy bank, and in 10 to 20 years realize you lost half its buying power which could have been prevented today. Don't be another investment statistic; utilize Gold Safe Exchange or other gold services to hedge your savings.

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