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How Trails Carolina Found a Breakthrough in Mental Health

Trails Carolina has always been focused on helping teens find therapeutic ways to improve their mental health. Find out what one of the most effective ways is.

LAKE TOXAWAY, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, November 25, 2021 / -- Trails Carolina has always been focused on helping teens find therapeutic ways to improve their mental health. One of the best forms of therapy is to connect with nature, which is why this wilderness therapy program has many different adventure programs for adolescents to participate in.

Out of all the different therapeutic activities offered, one of the most beneficial ones is rock climbing. The Trails Carolina wilderness therapy program wants to help teens become the best version of themselves. Taking them out of their current situation and helping them learn new skills can have a significant impact on their well-being.

It's very common for teens struggling with their mental health to have trouble expressing themselves, which often leads to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Finding the right therapy can be challenging. However, a lot of people don't consider the impact that wilderness therapy can have on teens.

Rock climbing has many therapeutic benefits that kids can learn from and take with them when they leave the program. Rock climbing has many benefits for a person's physical health, as it's a workout that combines both strength and cardio. What's overlooked about rock climbing is the benefits that it has on people's mental health.

When a person is rock climbing, they need to carefully plan out every step, which takes problem-solving skills. Teens begin to realize how strong they are mentally when they can use their own judgment to find a way to the top. Mastering this helps them feel more confident in the decisions they are making.

Trails Carolina has always been focused on bringing awareness to mental health and finding proactive ways to help teens improve their situation. Studies have shown that physical activity can be one of the best ways to improve mental health, which is why Trails Carolina offers many adventure and wilderness activities.

Trails Carolina staff prefers to assign activities that require the teens to use their minds and bodies. Any activity that requires a certain concentration level typically positively impacts a teen's mental health. This is one of the main reasons why rock climbing has stood out as a preferred activity.

Trails Carolina reviews have shown how beneficial this program is for inspiring kids to enjoy participating in activities again.

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