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Give a Blissful Bear for Christmas and help children.

KOLKATA, INDIA, November 30, 2021 / -- Blissful Bears are cute, happy, colorful, 3D, teddy bear NFTs that will bring a smile to your face. There are male and female bears. The bears come in several colors and have a large number of clothes, hats, neck accessories, hand props and backgrounds. There are 7,777 unique bears. Some of the bears are rare and can become valuable. Every person has an equal chance of getting a rare bear.

Blissful Bears Club is proud to be partnering with the charity, Bears Who Care (, which gives new teddy bears and books to children in the U.S. who are ill and disadvantaged. Blissful Bears Club will make a donation of $15 for each bear that is minted to Bears Who Care.

The Blissful Bear NFT is the ticket to gain admission into the exclusive Blissful Bears Club. Members receive the following benefits:

• Members can stake their bears to receive a share of the royalties from resales. 50% of the royalties will be returned to Blissful Bears Club members each month.
• Owners of a male and female Blissful Bear can breed a FREE baby Blissful Bear
• FREE stuffed teddy bear wearing a shirt with the Blissful Bears Club logo shipped directly to members
• Print your bear image on a wide selection of merchandise such as T-shirts, caps, mugs, phone cases, mouse pads and hoodies.
• Comics and videos featuring the Blissful Bears
• Contests where you can name your bear and get it featured in a comic or video
• Contests where you can win a custom bear drawn to your specifications autographed by the artist

Our goal is to maintain a high resale price for Blissful Bears by providing members with benefits which encourage the holding of bears.

Blissful Bears Club is the first NFT project to:

• Feature 3D, high resolution (1,280 X 1,280) digital teddy bears
• Partner with a charity to help children
• Provide NFT owners with a free physical teddy bear
• Provide NFT owners with the capability to print their NFTs on a wide variety of merchandise

The mint date is mid-December 2021. Just in time for Christmas. Blissful Bears are unique and wonderful Christmas gifts.

For more information visit: Blissful Bears Club.

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