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Edward Paul Patella: Improve One's Golf Games With These Tips

Edward Paul Patella (10)

WINSTON-SALEM, NC, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2021 / -- Edward Paul Patella is a skilled golfer who, over the years, has found various tips and tricks to help improve his golf game and make it more consistent, accurate, and successful. Many of these tips are things professional-level golfers utilize to ensure better distance, accuracy, and placement.

Edward Paul Patella Shares His Favorite Golf Tricks
Edward Paul Patella has one trick for teeing up that he knows many people haven't tried yet because it probably seems too simple or obvious. "You start by taking several shots to get a feel for where your ball moves through the air. Does it tend to slice in one direction consistently? Experiment with your teeing and how you approach your shot, adjusting your position to compensate for the curve."

"For instance, if your shot curves consistently to the right, move to the left to see if this keeps you straight. You can't move excessively, obviously, because if you hit a straight shot, you're going to end up in a very problematic situation. So instead, just carefully adjust your swing and hit the driving range to see what types of adjustments can improve your success and your ball placement.

"Next, it is essential to know your sweet spot for your swing." Now, Edward Paul Patella isn't referring to the sweet spot on the ball because that's something any serious golfer already knows about and has probably already mastered. Instead, he's referring to "how far you pull back your club before you swing. Of course, you want to pull it back as far as you can to get the most energy into the ball, right?"

"That's not always the case. While it's evident that pulling your swing back further will give you more power, some people don't have enough control over their swing if they pull back too far. If you're getting sloppy shots and can't figure out why, try limiting your swing length and focusing more on your form. You'll probably get a little less power out of your swing, but you'll be more accurate."

Then, Edward Paul Patella says, "you can start experimenting with pulling your swing further back, tightening up your form, and focusing it more into your swing. A good golf swing should be effortless and require no thinking when it is mastered. Until you get to that point, you'll have to focus on things like a neutral grip on the club, careful posture, and concentrating on both looseness and tightness.

"In essence, improving your golf game is all about mastering the little things. Pay attention to your posture as you approach the ball. Keeping your legs loose but strong so that when you take a shot, you can follow through fully and point your toys in the direction of your shot. Remember: keep your shoulders loose, as well, to give yourself the flexibility and strength you need to execute a shot."

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