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The Benefits of Compounded Medications from ImprimisRx

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SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2021 / -- After eye surgery, patients are often prescribed as many as three different eye drops to help minimize the risk of infection, inflammation, and ease discomfort. One of those eye drops is typically administered up to four times a day for 30 days. Those among the over 3-million people who had cataract surgery in the U.S last year, may remember thinking that the post-op regimen was confusing – perhaps even a bit overwhelming. Or, if one has glaucoma, for example, one may need multiple drops daily, and adhering to the dosing schedule may be confusing or inconvenient, or the drops put a strain on budget. Expensive prescription medications for patients with a dry eye condition may prove to be a hardship when it comes to affording their medication.

Research shows that it’s not unusual for patients to fail to follow doctors’ orders – especially when the orders include multiple medications. Some evidence even suggests that an inadvertent lack of compliance with post-op medications can affect the surgical outcome. These issues have inspired forward-thinking ophthalmologists to replace conventional post-op medication regimens with a single compounded eyedrop that takes the place of the three separate drugs. One such combination eyedrop, produced by San Diego, CA-based ImprimisRx, consolidates all three drugs into one eyedrop. This simplifies the process for patients, and research suggests that combination medications are associated with improved compliance.

Meeting Patient Needs
Compounded medications are often used to address a specific need that is not being met by the major pharmaceutical companies. For instance, ImprimisRx developed the compounded eyedrop at the request of ophthalmic surgeons who were looking for a way to help their patients get in all their medications following eye surgery. Using three individual eye drops can be especially challenging for elderly patients, or those who have Alzheimer’s disease, or other conditions that may contribute to missing doses or applying the wrong medication at the wrong time. ImprimisRx also produces other compounded medications that can be prescribed in place of other medications; and they are all designed to provide, safe, effective, convenient treatment solutions for patients.

Some compounding pharmacies formulate medications for limited use in individual patients who for some reason can’t take a widely available commercial medication. For instance, the patient may be allergic to a specific mass-produced drug. While ImprimisRx can formulate customized medications for individual patients, it primarily compounds large volumes of medications that can be stored for long periods of time and ordered in bulk by ophthalmic surgeons as well as by individual prescription.

Savings, Convenience and Safety
Patients who are prescribed ImprimisRx compounded medications benefit from the cost savings and convenience of taking one medication instead of two, three, or more, but another less obvious advantage is that the compounding process affords exceptionally high safety standards. The facilities where ImprimisRx’s compounded medications are made are regulated by the FDA under the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA). Part of the regulatory process requires that ImprimisRx, adhere to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), which are the same standards that govern major drug manufacturers. Compounding pharmacies like ImprimisRx, carry out rigorous testing to ensure their compounds maintain long-term stability with intended use and storage, and their products and process undergo regular audits by the FDA to ensure they are following cGMPs. This exhaustive testing and scrutiny suggest that patients can feel confident when surgeons prescribe an ImprimisRx compounded drug in place of multiple mass-produced commercial pharmaceuticals.

Having surgery can be frightening and going home afterward with a folder of post-op instructions can be intimidating. Surgeons who rely on simple, safe, convenient, and affordable post-op drug regimens -- such as replacing multiple medications with an ImprimisRx compounded formula – make life easier for their patients and may help ensure the ultimate success of their surgical outcomes.

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