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Only 3% Of The German Companies Rely On Automation In The Office - Why This Has To Change

BERLIN, GERMANY, November 23, 2021 / -- Countless disappointed office workers in Germany spend a significant portion of their working days on repetitive activities that always follow the same pattern. You type in order data, send order confirmations, create invoices or update delivery addresses.

German business owners spend millions of euros on wages and salaries for employees whose tasks could simply be mechanized by bots. The magic word is Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The list of processes that can be automated is almost limitless, for example:
Lead generation and preparation of offers
Document entry and invoicing
Bookkeeping and team management
Shipping and logistics processes
Customer service (e.g. through chatbots) and marketing (e.g. sending out newsletters)

“Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die” - but the first step has to be taken

Sawan Wadhwa (30) is CEO of the online marketing agency List & Sell in Berlin with 70 employees and supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with digitization and automation. In his opinion, many German entrepreneurs underestimate the great opportunities that automation offers - once the costs for the corresponding automation have been amortized.

The advantages are apparent:
Scalability of processes for rapid exponential growth
Increase in productivity and production volume
Saving of personnel costs
Minimization of the error rate
Employees can take on more responsible tasks

Everything is possible - including a one-man show in the logistics center
Businesses can rely on the competence of List & Sell - the online professionals have already supported a large number of companies with digitization, for instance, the Berlin online supermarket, which has automated inventory management and all shipping and logistics processes. For instance,, a nationwide first cloud source for digital-first-aid courses, has established a central portal that the on-site staff, administrators, and students can all access at the same time to acquire the Coordinate courses. is a List & Sell partner company that trades office supplies online and depends entirely on automated processes, allowing it to handle all logistics operations with only one employee. Everything works (almost as if by itself): Goods management, order processing, uploading invoices to various portals, sending the shipping confirmation with tracking, or controlling the inventory.

Automation is not supposed to destroy jobs, but to create freedom
“The purpose of automation is not to eliminate jobs,” added Sawan Wadhwa. Rather, it is about making people's lives simpler, freeing them from monotonous activities, and giving them time for more demanding work. There are limits to automation: creative activities cannot simply be transferred to machines. After all, humans have to tell the bots what to do - and then control the work results. And one more aspect must not be forgotten: the human factor. Although an autonomously driving vehicle no longer needs a taxi driver to get around, the passengers may then lack human contact, a friendly conversation while driving or someone who carries the suitcase to the door.

The path to automation: Advice - Understanding - Brainstorming - Implementation
99% of all enterprises in Germany are SMEs - the percentage of automation in their offices and administrations is just 3%. There is still a lot to do in the future for List & Sell and other agencies. Furthermore, automation can drive your business to exponential growth and increase sales - entrepreneurs in other countries such as the USA are leading the way. If you want to arm your company for the future and also protect it against further crises such as the corona pandemic, you should now rely on automation and take appropriate measures. Depending on the scope of the processes to be automated, a period of at least one month is required for this - minimum budget size: 10,000 euros.

List & Sell is at your disposal for advice on the possibilities and chances of automating office processes or other work processes.

Sawan Wadhwa
List & Sell
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