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Eric Baird Talks About What Drives Success for Baird Inc.

Eric Baird On What Drives Success for Baird Inc.

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES , November 19, 2021 / -- Small and mid-sized businesses often need capital to grow and flourish. Eric Baird says he started Baird Inc. for exactly that reason—to help SMBs find the financing they need. The company is rooted in his own success as an entrepreneur.

“As a private equity firm, we are working to fill the financial gap for small and mid-sized businesses so they are able to succeed in their ventures,” says Eric Baird. “We know there are a lot of lender options out there, so we believe in setting ourselves apart as much as possible. We have set our sights on growth-oriented businesses and we are here for the dreamers.”

He recently reported five things that set Baird Inc. apart from other lenders. In a crowded field of opportunity and opportunists, Baird says businesses need to know which lenders to trust. Many things have helped drive the success of Baird Inc. including:

Finding big potential in any industry – Baird Inc. focuses on finding the upstarts that are driven and dedicated without discriminating by industry type.
Guaranteeing retention of majority equity – Baird believes in benefiting borrowers, which means often re-financing through a two- or three-year, senior-secured plan designed to help the SMB succeed.

Focused on the niche group of small revenue – Many lenders are increasingly restrictive lending measures, making it difficult for companies in the sub-$25mm to find financing. Baird Inc. helps bridge the gap for upgrades, early lifecycle growth, and startup costs.

Experience with a widely diverse group of clientele – The variety in the Baird Inc. portfolio is a testament to how they offer value and expert support to players in every industry.

Built by an entrepreneur – Eric Baird has his own roots in startups and entrepreneurship. His success in founding and building shaped his views on business. Baird says the idea originated through issues his mother was running into with overseas shipping and turned into a global operation that now serves more than 400,000 customers. He started the company in 1997 with a $30,000 loan and sold it in 2012 when it was valued at $200 million. Baird says he knows firsthand the grit and sacrifice it takes to build a business from the ground up.

Baird Inc. continues to look for companies and entrepreneurs that show the ingenuity and drive it takes to succeed with a startup. “We want to give back to the business community,” said Eric Baird. “We are looking for SMBs who will succeed, but we want to give them a beneficial deal as well. Our financing usually makes it possible for them to bridge the gaps in their cash flow and thrive.”

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