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Terra Owner David Martin on Why Philanthropy and Community Involvement are so Important

Events that build stronger leaders and bring people together are more than just charitable, says David Martin Terra owner

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES , November 19, 2021 / -- Time is the most valuable asset most people can offer. No one can get back the time they’ve spent on a project, so it’s important to use time wisely. According to David Martin Terra owner and CEO, charity projects and community involvement should be something business leaders choose to spend their time on. His recent comments explain why philanthropy and giving back to the community is the right thing to do in so many cases.

To make sure the project is worth your time, David Martin of Terra says it’s crucial to look into every organization’s goals and track record. According to the real estate development firm owner, finding valuable ways to give back through nonprofit work leads to several key benefits.

“There are a lot of things businesses can do to increase their bottom line that might seem very roundabout,” says David Martin, Terra CEO. “While it might seem like just a ‘nice thing to do,’ philanthropy is actually a very smart business move for a lot of reasons.”

Stronger Community Builds Stronger Business

Building up the community makes it a better place to do business, David Martin explains. When an area is made stronger through a nonprofit event or charity drive, the people there are more likely to spend money and do business. In addition, people are more interested in moving into an area with a supportive network of businesses that care about the area.

Philanthropic efforts to support low-income issues, clean the parks, increase neighborhood safety and solve community issues are all examples of making a city more attractive to potential clients, employees and business partners alike. David Martin says Terra company leaders spend time evaluating what issues their city may need to address to attract more of those desired crowds to the area.

People Contextualize Your Business

Business should be about more than just the bottom line, continues David Martin. There is a tendency to get caught up in the fine details of running a business, forgetting how important public perception is. The best branding takes into consideration the company’s reputation—which goes beyond business alone.

When people see a company giving back, they learn more about what is important to the brand and leadership. Philanthropic work helps people identify your business as a more meaningful player within the community, says David Martin.

Leaders Learn Compassion, Patience and Listening

Within any business, many things get done the way the company owner decides to do them. According to David Martin, it’s good practice for leaders to participate in events run by someone else. He says leaders learn more about true leadership when they serve first and aren't always the ones calling the shots.

“Bossing people around when we have an idea is something many of us have probably been good at since toddlerhood,” he notes. “It takes maturity to sit back and realize someone else’s vision. True leaders are really good at serving others. Hands-on philanthropy means learning how to jump into a difficult situation and work with a team.”

He says these leadership qualities are highly attractive to employees. Doing charity work often causes increased empathy and respect for the perspectives of others.

Community Connections = Networking Opportunities

With most businesses, connections and referrals are a big deal. David Martin says charity events and community involvement offer numerous opportunities to connect with others.

According to the real estate CEO, connections you might form at a philanthropic event could have an even stronger base because of a shared passion.

Customers and Clients Expect Social Responsibility

Clients and customers now expect brands to do more than sell a product or service. Many buyers are looking for companies they can support that have similar values. With so many options to choose from, people want to choose the businesses trying to make the world a better place.

David Martin says acting responsibly as a business means getting involved with events that do meaningful work. According to him, it is a good idea to choose certain nonprofit organizations that can help solidify something that is important to the company, like supporting the cure for a disease or finding solutions to reduce waste destined for the landfill.

Meaningful Work is Attractive to Employees

In order to attract top talent, companies have to have meaningful opportunities within their job offerings. People want to know that what they do matters, says Martin. A company is far more attractive if it can show how it plays a vital role in the community.

Employees are going to be more on board at a company that actively cares about its community.

Goodwill is Contagious

When companies practice goodwill through charity work, their community is going to feel the impact. People tend to be more giving, patient and compassionate when they see philanthropic activity in their community. The support can be a contagious wave that encourages other people to give back in their own way.

Not only will this make the community a more attractive place, but it can directly lead toward goodwill towards a company like Terra, says David Martin. People feel good about working with, working for or buying from a company that does good things.

Charity Benefits Mental and Physical Health

When stress levels are reduced, all kinds of mental and physical health benefits follow. For example, stress can cause headaches, hypertension, sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety, depression, IBS and many other tangible symptoms.

Charity often helps alleviate a burden in two ways: direct support and conveyed support. Not only does it work to solve the problem, but it shows the people struggling that people are on their side trying to help. A blend of action and intent should help alleviate stress.

For those doing the charity work, feeling helpful and valued leads to higher morale. People feel good when they are doing something good for someone else, Martin says.

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