's new chargeback assistance program to help online scam victims

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Cyber Forensic Specialist

Chargeback assistance program: A ray of hope for online scam victims- joins the fight

CHEYENNE, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2021 / -- Losing money in an online scam can take a severe mental and financial toll on the victim. Trying to navigate the chargeback process without any expertise makes it harder to recover money because, in most cases, the victim doesn't have the proper knowledge and information to get the money back.

Chargeback assistance programs are designed to help online scam victims to make the chargeback process easier. The experts' precise understanding of how to get money back aligned with specific tools necessary is already being applauded by many victims.

While talking about the newly launched program, Timothy Benson, a chief analyst at, said," It is better for online scam victims to contact a chargeback company because trying to do it all by oneself with no expertise could permanently damage chances of success. Free consultation can provide both solace and a better strategy to get the hard earned money back.", an industry leader in providing cyber-forensics services, has recently launched a new chargeback assistance program for online scam victims.

How does Chargebacks Assistance work?

A chargeback is the payment amount returned to a debit or credit card when a customer disputes the transaction or returns the purchased item. Usually, it is a simple process in which the merchant/card issuer provides the chargeback.

However, in some cases, getting chargebacks may be difficult when the consumer has been a victim of online fraud. Credit card scams include fraudsters taking advantage of victims' bank details to complete unapproved exchanges. Credit card companies and their responsible banks frequently make changes in their transaction policies. If the card was reported stolen, the problems could increase.

Investigating the matter without consulting the expert can be difficult as it involves preparing the documents, collecting evidence, and, more importantly, practicing everything within the limits of the law.

The first step in a chargeback claim is to contact the bank or payment processor. However, these claims often come with a very complicated and heavy documentation process. Due to their expertise, chargeback companies know precisely what the bank or payment processor will need to get a successful chargeback.

Because of their detailed understanding of how banks and payment processors work, they gather information very efficiently and collect all the critical documents to avoid delays in the process.

Choose the right chargeback company.

Many fraudsters claim to be legitimate chargeback companies. However, in reality, they steal personal information from people who are already victims. The victim needs to choose a chargeback company very carefully to prevent further damage.

Any company that exists in just online space can be a scam. A legitimate company, in most cases, will have a phone line and office address.

Choose the company that is compliant with the relevant personal information protection legislation within their country.

If possible, it is advised to check out their registration details or meet in person. A good company will always keep the client in the loop during the entire process.
But it's always better to take precautions rather than having to look for a cure. Here are a few suggestions to stay away from such scams:
Never provide any personal information to any unsolicited requests for information.
Use different and complex passwords for all the accounts and store them safely.
Never open an email that looks suspicious; remember, curiosity kills the cat. Don't open messages from unknown senders, and Immediately delete messages suspected to be spam.
Type in a trusted URL for a company's site to avoid clicking on a similar phishing link
Make sure to use antivirus protection and a firewall.
Stay alert of the recent scams. Never send money, gift cards, or anything valuable to unknown people. Most importantly, reach out to fund recovery specialists like Get counseling whenever in doubt. Talk to family, friends, and community members to help spread the word against such scams.

A cyber forensic scan on the computer can help mitigate risks that antiviruses may overlook. In addition to this, victims must be aware of fund recovery scams that promise or guarantee money back. There is a possibility that criminals may re-target their victims in different ways. An educated decision can save people from a financial crisis.

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