Prime IV Lehi Shares How IV Fluids Can Make a Difference in Personal Health

The additional benefits of IV therapy far outweigh simply drinking more water.

We love seeing the difference that IV hydration can make in our customers. Many people don't realize that their dehydration can be helped much quicker through IV therapy than by just drinking water.”
— Heidi Neville, owner of Prime IV Lehi

LEHI, UTAH, UNITED STATES, November 23, 2021 / -- The importance of hydration cannot be overstated. However, hydration does not just involve drinking more water. Prime IV of St. George recommends the best hydration for overall health comes from receiving extra fluids through IV therapy.

“For anyone regularly working out outdoors or at the gym, hydration is a trending topic,” said Heidi Neville, owner of Prime IV Lehi. “But the topic doesn’t just apply to athletes—we can all benefit from regularly giving our bodies extra fluids.”

Here are several of the health benefits of extra hydration.

1. Fast recovery:

Whenever the body is dehydrated, merely drinking water will assist in hydrating but at a slower pace. The same is true when recovering after an intense workout as well.

Receiving extra fluids via IV therapy can accelerate recovery. That is because IV therapy uses a mixture of fluids, nutrients, vitamins to refuel the body when it needs it most. This makes recovery much quicker.

2. Less pressure on the digestive system:

To get some relief from dehydration or recover more quickly after an intense workout, most people will have to drink a lot of fluids. This causes the digestive system to go into overdrive. After extracting the nutrients and fluids, the body then has to flush out the excess fluid as well. This can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the digestive system.

On the other hand, when receiving hydration IV therapy, the absorption of nutrients and fluids does not depend on the digestive system. The IV liquid directly goes into the bloodstream, which ensures that the body can stabilize at a much faster pace and deliver fluids throughout the body.

3. Ability to supply electrolytes and other nutrients:

Simply drinking more water is not enough after intense workouts or periods of dehydration. At these times, the body may also be deprived of vital electrolytes. Fortunately, IV therapy involves electrolytes and various other nutrients. This makes IV therapy a much better and faster choice than any other form of hydration.

4. Customized benefits:

Another advantage of IV therapy is that it can easily be tailored to support individual needs. Hydration IV therapy can be used for a lot of different recovery types like:

· Athletic recovery
· Hangover recovery
· Dehydration recovery
· Energy booster (after illness or stressful circumstances)
· And more

This ability to customize treatment allows for the precise delivery of nutrients and hydration.

5. Boosts your immunity:

IV therapy also provides nutrients that can also boost immunity. Many Prime IV drips include immunity-boosting nutrients like vitamin D and vitamin B12. When supplied in appropriate quantities, these nutrients can most certainly boost the immune system. This means less worry about common illnesses and colds.

6. Flushes toxins from the body:

Dehydration can also affect the digestive system in numerous ways. One side effect of dehydration is constipation—which means the body is less able to properly flush toxins. IV therapy can help kickstart all the body’s vital systems and help them function again, allowing for the proper disposal of these toxins.

Instead of simply drinking more water, opt for extra fluids through IV therapy. The health benefits of IV therapy are much more than just hydration.

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