KarisMed Announces New Director of Business Development

KarisMed is poised to truly transform the employer landscape with its leading-edge approach.”
— John Turner, Business Development Director
KATY, TEXAS, USA, November 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- KarisMed Group, a forward-thinking Direct Primary Care medical group and leading provider of Employees Healthcare and Corporate Wellness Solutions, today announced it has appointed a key Executive, John Turner, for its largely successful Employer Offering.

“KarisMed continues to invest in premier industry talent to propel its continued growth and enhance its focus on client services. 2021 has been a breakthrough year for our organization as we continue to deliver innovative solutions to help support our growth," said the Founder and CEO at KarisMed, Vera Oyabure, MD.

She adds, “KarisMed has always focused on investing in people, consumer relations, and we're proud to welcome such exceptional industry talent and leadership to lead our business development initiatives that will enable us to continue to deliver exceptional patient experiences.”

Turner has spent the past two decades developing various businesses, where his leadership skills resulted in significant results across several vertical markets. While in those positions, he developed turn-key systems and programs that gave dramatic results, exceedingly over 400 million dollars in new contracts. Additionally, John was responsible for opening new markets both nationally and internationally. His earlier career highlights include managing seven investor-funded companies where he served as CFO.

“KarisMed has all the ingredients for massive success in the Employee’s Health and Corporate Wellness markets with their innovative Direct Patient Care modules,” says John Turner. “You need a great company culture, wildly innovative products with comprehensive serviceability, along with the ability to define and lead enormous growth. KarisMed is poised to truly transform the employer landscape with its leading-edge approach. I am very excited for this opportunity and to join the KarisMed team,” said Turner.

A case study on employer savings using KarisMed DPC in an engineering company in Katy, TX, with 15 full-time employees showed the following results:

Saved $43,000 in healthcare expenses
38% overall healthcare cost savings
85% less urgent care visits
50% fewer ER visits Healthier workforce
Improved job satisfaction

For more information about KarisMed, visit https://www.karismed.com.

About KarisMed:
KarisMed is a forward-thinking Direct Primary Care medical group that offers health solutions that allow employers to have healthier and happier employees, at the same time, significantly reducing the cost of expenses related to employers’ benefit and health care programs.

Whether there are five or a thousand team members, KarisMed can deliver proven programs and technology to help develop an amazing wellness-based culture. In today's market, it's no secret that evidence-based Wellness Programs that include a family doctor will add many quantifiable benefits well beyond traditional systems.

Their programs align with organizational and cultural goals to enable clients to attract and retain a strong talent pool of primary care physicians and provide better-quality health for each employee and their family.

KarisMed proven multi-platform approach is designed to offset the continued escalation of an organization’s health benefit-related expenses. According to KFF study, the average worker and employer contributions to premiums for family coverage have increased significantly, from $5,791 in 1999 to $21,342 in 2020.

With an average 8 – 10% increase in annual premiums and an all-time low in employee engagement and satisfaction, KarisMed delivers maximum health benefit at zero-cost primary care to employees. KarisMed approach delivers Biometric Screening, Local Clinics, Telemedicine, Health Coaching, and On-Site services up to 40% reduction in cost.

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