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Covington Naturals Launches New Pet Friendly Liquid Ice Melt to Prevent Nasty Slips and Falls

The winter season is upon us and for many homeowners, that means dealing with the snow. Snow can be a hassle to deal with - it’s more than an inconvenience

/EIN News/ -- OKLAHOMA CITY, Nov. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Death is probably the least popular subject to write about these days, but the last two years has been the number one topic on the news. It’s shocking to discover that 15 people die each year in the United States from slipping and falling on ice! At least 10 people die in Russia each year from ice slips and falls, and quite a few in Canada as well. There are a lot of products that have cropped up on the market such as “ice cleats” that you actually attach to your shoes, and snow shoe type apparatuses that you can wear, but who wants to take the time and effort to do this just to go retrieve the daily mail or paper.

This winter season will be hard on many homeowners, but it doesn’t have to be. With Covington Naturals Fast Acting Liquid ice melt you’ll never have to worry about the snow again! The winter season is upon us and for many homeowners, that means dealing with the snow. Snow can be a hassle to deal with - it’s more than an inconvenience; it can also be dangerous. This year, Covington Naturals has released a new liquid ice melt product called Fast Acting Liquid Ice Melt. It’s designed specifically to help get through the difficult task of shoveling sidewalks and driveways amid all the snow that will come. With one simple application of this liquid product, there will be no worries about being cold or slipping on the walkway when there are inches upon inches of white stuff around!

Some have asked how Covington came up with the Covington Ice Melt and much like our other great soil enhancing products it was felt there had to be a better solution for the environment than harsh salt pellets and chemicals that tend to damage and destroy concrete surfaces, are harmful to pets and when they melt and run off on sidewalks, driveways and roadways do damage to the soil. As some may know, Covington’s 100% all natural soil products came from the large organic farming industry and have been proven over the years to build and enrich the soil putting nutrients and enzymes back into the soil, not taking out. Thus, the Liquid Ice Melt was born out of the large-scale applications of streets, highways, and venues such as airport runways and large overpass bridges. Municipalities, governments, and even small towns have realized over time that laying down harsh pellets and chemicals do serious damage to both the surfaces they lay on as well as the ground they run off to.

Effective Anti-icing happens before snow falls and ice forms on concrete, stone, and brick surfaces. The purpose is to prevent the bond of frozen precipitation to the surface before it turns to ice. A customer one time that had 2 feet of snow on the sidewalk and thought they could spray liquid ice melt over the surface and it would miraculously melt the snow and avoid having to shovel it off the walk! For the record, Ice Melt can and does melt ice very effectively, but snow is 80% air, and while the ice melt on the surface of the walkway will create some heat, only flame and warm sunlight can create enough heat to melt 2 feet of snow, so clear off the snow if failed to apply ice melt before the storm, and it will begin to work to make the walkways safer to walk on.

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Still not sure how to handle the snow this winter? Covington Naturals has just released a new product that can help! With Fast Acting Liquid Ice Melt, there are no worries about being cold or slipping on your walkway while there are inches upon inches of white stuff around. The offer for free shipping on any order over $50 expires tonight so place the order today and enjoy Covington’s latest innovation in ice melt technology!

Customer testimonial:
"The sidewalk on the north side of my house never gets any direct sunlight in the winter, which means it stays cold for a long time and ice takes longer to melt. My area recently had a record snowfall / ice storm event so it was the perfect time to try out Liquid Ice Melt. It worked great! The photo shows my sidewalk, untreated on the left and treated with Liquid Ice Melt on the right. The compacted snow and ice on the untreated sidewalk was slippery as expected, however, the treated sidewalk was just wet. Also, nice that there weren't any salty white footprints tracked back into the house!" - Seth

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