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Travel Blogger, Cory Carnley of Gainesville, Gives Us His Best Tips for Making Air Travel More Comfortable

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 12, 2021 / -- As a travel blogger, Cory Carnley of Gainesville, Florida, spends a lot of time flying. And while air travel can be a much more efficient way to travel from point A to point B, it’s not always the most pleasant experience. Over the past few decades, airlines have dramatically shrunk down both seat size and legroom space to squeeze in more travelers, making it an even more uncomfortable experience if you can’t afford first class.
But there are ways to make even long flights more comfortable, even borderline luxurious, says Carnley. These are a collection of some of his best go-to tips and tricks for enjoying your flight as much as possible.

Bring a Travel Pillow
Whether it’s a neck pillow or a little foldable travel pillow, it’s worth the investment, says Cory Carnley, Gainesville’s premier travel blogger. Sometimes, the best way to get through a flight is to sleep through as much of it as possible--especially if you’re flying through the night. This allows you to escape the discomfort of fighting over the armrest and dream the flight away. And you’ll arrive at your destination refreshed and rested!
Being able to rest your head comfortably is key to being able to fall asleep. Cory says he prefers neck pillows himself. You never know when your window seat might be taken, after all. And the neck support means you won’t accidentally tip over on your neighbor!
You can also sit on your pillow or use it to support your lower back if you’re on a short flight or not sleepy. This trick can save you from a lot of muscle fatigue on landing!

Dress in Layers
Corey says he’s learned to dress in layers after years of experience traveling by air. When the plane is stalled on the runway, they often don’t run the air to conserve fuel, he says, leaving the passengers to sweat it out next to one another. Being able to peel off your sweater to an acceptable underlayer can be a lifesaver.
And the reverse is also true. They pump the air--especially on long flights--in planes to help decrease the discomfort of being crammed in next to one another. If you’re easily chilled, carry a sweater that you can pull on over your t-shirt. If you’re traveling in the summer, a flannel or button-up can help keep your arms warm without suffocating you.

Choose Your Seat Carefully
It’s almost always worth it to be able to choose your own seat, says Cory Carnley, Gainesville travel blogger. Even if you have to pay twenty dollars or so, choosing your own seat can mean up to a foot of extra legroom and a much quieter and more pleasant journey. And the longer your flight, the more worth it it is.
Aisle seat versus window seat is a classic argument and everyone has their preferences. But make sure you’re also looking at where you’re located on the plane. You don’t want to be too near the kitchen or bathrooms where people tend to gather, or right over the wings where the engines are the loudest. If possible, try to grab the emergency exit seats because they have extra legroom and more space to recline!

Store Your In-Flight Essentials in One Area
Your headphones, your water, your book, your phone charger, your snacks--whatever items you use most often on the flight, make sure you pack them in an easy-to-access compartment of your bag. This limits the amount of annoying rustling and contorting you have to do to get into your bag and ensures that you’re as comfortable as possible.
This also cuts down on the annoyance you may cause your neighbors, and a harmonious flight is a pleasant flight!

Prep Your Entertainment of Choice
When you’re packing and preparing for your trip, don’t forget to include entertainment, says Cory Carnley Gainesville travel blogger! Whether that means downloading episodes of your current podcast, charging up your iPad, or buying a new book, make sure that you have what you need to stay occupied. The more engrossed you are in your activity, the quicker time will fly by, and the sooner you’ll arrive at your destination!

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