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Sober Peer Amasses Mega-Study Phase II Behavioral Health Trial

Invitation-only clinical trial attracts treatment providers in 42 U.S. states and 5 countries.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 12, 2021 / -- Sober Peer, the very large-scale behavioral treatment platform (VLSP) announced it has enrolled 162 treatment providers to study long-term outcomes for substance use and mental health disorders. The program, known by scientists as a behavioral “Mega-Study” is the largest known collaboration of its kind.

In its Phase II trial, the collaboration tests the efficacy or effectiveness of various therapies on many participants (+6,000) over a one-year period. During the study, decisions are made on approaches that will advance to later, more advanced stage trials within a larger population (+25,000).

Prior trials evidenced significant long-term improvements in twelve primary categories of behavior including a 114% increase from baseline within six months and a 320% improvement within 360 days after the initial treatment period. It also identified unique patient identifiers that strongly predicted failure and success among the programs examined when enhanced with artificial intelligence technologies. Results are collected real-time from Sober Peer’s treatment platform prior to, during and in after-care environments using its robust technology stack.

The study cohort consists of many population segments from individuals, treatment providers, correction and parole communities, drug and diversion courts, colleges and universities, native populations and non-traditional service providers including state and local government.

(For more information on how to be included in the trial click here.)

About Sober Peer:

Sober Peer is among the fastest-growing behavioral science technology companies serving the mental health and substance use healthcare market. Its very large-scale technology platform (VLSP) measures, predicts and prescribes optimum treatment modalities across all treatment workflows in behavioral health. Its next generation digital platform uses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics extensively to improve treatment insight, patient engagement and outcomes for persons suffering from life-controlling mental health-related issues. The company ranks in the top five behavioral health companies for the lowest cost of customer engagement and in invested return-on-equity making it one of the most efficient and effective solutions in behavioral mental health. It currently ranks twelfth among the Big 30 mental health applications in monthly reoccurring customers.

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