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Glenn Bill, Renowned Attitude Keynote Speaker & Podcast Host Discusses 3 Unique & Bold Moves You Can Do To WIN in 2022

By Glenn Bill, World-Renown Attitude Keynote Speaker and Podcast Host

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2021 / -- When it comes to the post-pandemic, great resignation and employment revolution; employers, managers and entrepreneurs are facing a new landscape that will be and is fiercely competitive in the areas of acquiring talent, fast paced changing technology and a fight for productivity and profits!

Perhaps the biggest challenge and greatest risk is the people you are onboarding in the next 6 to 12 months! Here are three key components to consider as you restructure in these turbulent times.

Here are three greats actionable items you can perform to keep up with these insane times for businesses and three key components to consider as you restructure in these turbulent times:

1. Hire the people that you LIKE with Heart, Guts and Smarts don't hire the people you need! There is an overabundance of people in the workforce and the average employee leaves after 18 months making most hires a bad decision, if you can find a "work soulmate" the odds of them leaving you, your culture and your business will be greatly diminished. Loyalty to an employer will become a cherished asset in 2022. Your ability to create and focuss on loyalty building strategies will push you far ahead when it comes time to analyze your business for 2023.

2. Committing to a REAL Video and Social Platform will pay big dividends. Reaching people has never been easier and less expensive. Prepare the 52 messages your customers, future employees and existing customers can use and benefit from. Get it on video and send it. What to post? Think about the questions you hear about most in your day-to-day life about your business or industry and answer them! I also believe in polls, call-to-actions and surveys as the best ways to engage with your business sphere. just imagine what a free video message using these techniques will do to further engage your customers and possibly turn them into employees?

3. Help your existing customers in their business. Interview them about your business. Create a zoom conference for all your existing customers to meet. I bet you will find all your existing customers will buy or engage with your biggest fans. They will Thank you immensely and they will in turn help you build your business. Helping other is the best way to help yourself, get a plan and strategy put together to do so!

If you are a CEO, Human Resources Director or Event Planner Glenn Bill's killer Keynotes will set your next event, meeting or convention on FIRE! He gives engaging, humorous and relevant keynotes and workshops which are aimed to boost your morale, productivity and profits!


Glenn Bill

Glenn Bill is a Keynote Speaker, #1 International Best-Selling Author of the (download his free playbook here) and Award Winning Podcast Host of the Get Attitude Podcast. He works with companies to improve culture and profits to stay ahead of the current market conditions. Contact him at or 317-590-7757

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