[Updated] Influencer Jules Rodriguez Quits 9 To 5 Corporate Job To Start Sustainable Business, BUILDTOBLOSSOM

Jules Rodriguez, influencer and entrepreneur

This is an updated release with name correction.

Leaving corporate wasn't easy, but I didn't want to regret anything in life. So I took the risk of becoming an influencer to fund my business, and don't regret a thing!”
— Jules Rodriguez
NEW YORK, NEW YORK , UNITED STATES , November 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Passion and courage are two words that describe Jules Rodriguez. Fuelled by the need to provide more sustainable options to the market, this New Yorker decided to quit her corporate job and become an entrepreneur.

"Leaving corporate wasn't easy, but I didn't want to regret anything in life. So I took the risk of becoming an influencer to fund my business. And don't regret a thing!" she says.

Sharing her day-to-day life on Instagram, she quickly gained a staggering amount of followers. Her charisma and openness drew people in as she shared her motivational journey. Creating a community of like-minded people, she used her newfound platform as a stepping stone to successfully launch her new venture, BUILDTOBLOSSOM.

As sustainability becomes the main talking point for many businesses today, Jules saw a need in the market for stylish and eco-conscious items and went to work to put her vision into action.

“Going against my intuition in business has not worked in my favor. I only follow what my soul tells me to," she adds.

Now a US trademarked brand, BUILDTOBLOSSOM believes in creating a better future. Through sustainable changes to everyday products, consumers can have peace of mind and shop eco-friendly items tailored to their requirements.

Conducting her business with accountability and transparency, Rodriguez raises awareness about harmful business practices and fights for a greener future.

As her eCommerce marketplace becomes the go-to shop for beauty and lifestyle products, she shows the world the power of pursuing one’s dream. By embracing her entire identity, she welcomes her new purpose and is now thriving in several areas of her life. While many people stick to one job, she shows that being an influencer and entrepreneur are not mutually exclusive.

Serving as an inspiration to her followers, she takes them along for the ride and shares the ups and downs of her life, demonstrating how integrity and business go hand in hand and motivating those who want to pursue their dreams.

"Only positive vibes here" serves as her motto as she takes on the world.

Follow Jules’s journey on Instagram and visit her website today to see what she has in store!

BUILDTOBLOSSOM is a US registered trademark brand that believes in a better planet. Selling eco-friendly and sustainable products, they believe that it is together that change happens. They carefully select items with their customer in mind to provide the best quality and range of merchandise.

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