Texas Third Grader Paisley Elliott Makes a Global Impact With Her International NGO Paisley’s Pals

Paisley reading to children in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement

Paisley after a menstrual health education meeting- handing out a year supply of reusable sanitary pads - purchased while in Uganda through AfriPads

Photo of children, Paisley and some of Paisley's Pals team after a game of Dodgeball in Rwamwanja

GRAPEVINE, TX, USA, November 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Not many people at the age of 8 were attending meetings with the United Nations, scheduling early morning calls with CEOs across the globe or planning presentations to deliver to a room full of adults. But that’s exactly what 8-year-old Paisley Elliott has been up to. After learning about the plight of refugees in 2018, Paisley jumped into action and created an International NGO/ 501(c)3 non-profit called Paisley’s Pals. It is focused on helping displaced children across the globe.

From Mexico and Nicaragua to Greece and Uganda, Paisley has spearheaded projects on multiple continents. She recently returned from spending several weeks in the Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement in Western, Uganda- a country she learned has the most empowering refugee laws in the world. With a passion for helping others and the belief that young kids can do BIG things, Paisley spent the last 2-years working on a pop-up classroom called the SHINE box that will help increase access to STEM education for displaced children. With the physical materials included to create a classroom in minutes, the SHINE program also includes a SHINE toolbox filled with reusable learning materials, Raspberri Pi Computers that offer offline access to a vast library of learning resources, solar lamps in places without electricity, solar radios to aid in distance learning, reusable sanitary pads and a menstrual health education program for young girls and the tools needed to implement a bicycle share program.

Paisley spent much of the month of October working hard with UNHCR, Finn Church Aid, the Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda, and other local NGOs on the ground to launch the SHINE program within the 127 km2 settlement. A local refugee lead organization called Refugee Innovation Centre has taken a leadership role in deploying and implementing the many facets of the SHINE program, and Paisley looks forward to returning in the Spring of 2022 to finalize a small library and ECD Center for her new refugee friends.

Paisley hopes to change the conversation about education- and by focusing on the most vulnerable children around the globe she hopes to help bring targeted solutions to the growing refugee crisis around the globe. Paisley is a great example of how young kids really can do BIG things. She believes kids have the power to change the world, and her actions are proof that the next generation shines bright.

For more information, visit https://www.paisleyspals.org.

About Paisley’s Pals:
Paisley’s Pals is a global non-profit organization started after Paisley Elliott learned about refugees in preschool. Radiating compassion and a love for geography, Paisley is determined to change the world. Paisley’s Pals is a love-based organization that is working to build a community of change-makers, a squad of encouragers, and a crew of includers. With bold creativity and a desire to create a more inclusive world, Paisley’s Pals is focused on raising global awareness and access to quality education. Building a more peaceful and sustainable planet requires every child to take direct, tangible action in their own backyard. We believe all kids have the power to change the world, and by developing compassionate social activists and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, we can strengthen communities and find creative solutions to our shared global challenges.

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