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Prayers and Poems Express Grief of Loss, Journey of Spiritual Recovery

Hope in the Valley

Hope in the Valley

A Bun Dance

A Bun Dance

Penelope Bourdillon

Penelope Bourdillon

Penelope Bourdillon shows readers there is "Hope in the Valley” in this book.

WALES, UK, November 18, 2021 / -- Penelope Bourdillon went through the refiner's fire when her husband died, soon after they had moved from their beautiful family home in mid Wales, and where their son now lives with his family. 'Under her strong and perceptive eye, they converted an old farm house further up in the hills. It was here that she nursed her husband through his final illness and steered her family and friends through the insecurity of grief into the radiance of Christian hope. Her new home became a stepping stone to Paradise; a lodging for reflection on life and an eerie for peering into eternity', said a friend at the time.

Six years after the death of her beloved husband, Penelope wrote a booklet containing thoughts, prayers and poems, sharing her personal journey of grief and recovery, hoping to help others undergoing similar experiences. In "Hope in the Valley" she provides succour for weary and hurting souls, and shows how her faith and trust in God helped her during the dark days of grief.

The poignant poems in “Hope in the Valley” are for those who are going through rough patches, like herself. There is no balm for the heart that can take away the pain of loss, but Penelope trusts that her prayers and verses will help the reader with the healing process. She assures them that they are not alone and that others, like herself, have gone through similar moments; and also that God is always there with them as long as they ask Him into their hearts. While the pain cannot be removed, it is a great comfort to know that they are never alone, and it can probably help them to empathise with others who are suffering loss of any kind.

Bourdillon drew from her own experience to write this book. She depicts the abject misery of parting, and even has a poem for the moment of departure, that one can read in the hope that the passing soul can hear it - for hearing is the last sense to close down before a person dies.

In these writings, the author encourages her readers to face and feel their misery: to go through it rather than round it, and also expresses how she learned to lean on God, who guided and led her through these hard times.

"I wrote Hope in the Valley to try and help other people through the agony of losing a loved one." Bourdillon says. It is her fervent hope that it will really help readers on their journey, wherever they are, at their point of need.

Penelope Bourdillon celebrates God’s lavish generosity in her new book about God's Abundance.

In this book entitled "A Bun Dance" Penelope Bourdillon tells us of the abundance of blessings and good things that God wants to shower upon us. She regards this as God's gift, replete with mysteries, surprises and wonder, all drawn from the Bible.

She treats her readers to a celebration of faith - and joy - and hope - that is vibrant and often rich in humour, showing that life is God's gift to be experienced in its fullest. Her main aim is to spread the good news of the gospel far and wide - to sing God’s song in strange lands. This book is for those wondering who they are, what their purpose is, and indeed what their destiny could be.

Although the author assures us that God has a sense of humour, we must never forget that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and that He can also be awesome and vengeful when necessary. The journey can be rough, but He gives us stout boots in which to walk it. However, Bourdillon stresses that when she encountered Jesus, and since she committed her life to Him she has had a joy in her heart that she had never known before. She longs for the reader to discover for themselves this simple secret: to ask Jesus into their lives; and for them to know that through the Holy Spirit, Jesus is still alive, and there for us all. This may sound incomprehensible, but IT IS TRUE.

The author studies Jesus and reveals what God is really like: a gentle Father who is overflowing with tender love and mercy towards His people. Thus, the faithful must realize that the nature of God shows how life should be experienced. Bourdillon shows that the Almighty is a God who sings, laughs, grieves, shouts for joy and above all He longs for us to have a close relationship with Him. Her fervent prayer is that the book will encourage readers and believers to start reading the Bible, and to ENJOY encountering Jesus therein.

In his review at the beginning of the book Roy Godwin likens the Bible to many things: a Hymn Book, a library, a history book, a collection of wisdom, and a repository of life's secrets, and he exhorts the reader to "Read it and laugh, smile, wonder, and then give thanks for the help you find".

About the Author
Penelope Bourdillon lives in Wales, in a beautiful and remote valley, in an old stone barn that she has had converted. It is surrounded by an ongoing work of love in the remarkable garden that she is creating on a steep rocky hillside.

She has a son and three daughters, eleven grandchildren and a great granddaughter, all very greatly loved.

She is also deeply committed to the little church, Eglwys Oen Duw (Welsh for the Church of the Lamb of God) in her small village of Beulah, which her late husband's great grandmother built it. They worshipped there for over fifty years.

Her restlessness abounds, continually seeking further theological study and opportunities for personal witness. The continued desire to share her spiritual experiences, both in the beautiful solitude of her home and her social endeavours, have found an outlet in this book. She longs to spread the good news of the gospel - to anyone who will listen.

Bourdillon has been interviewed by Kate Delaney on her syndicated radio talk show America Tonight, and by Dr. Angela Chester on Daily Spark Radio. She has started to write a blog which you can find through her website

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