Scientology Civil Protection team "Pro.Civi.Co.S" from Verona awarded by the city authorities

The Verona section of the civil protection volunteers from the Scientology community in Italy, received an award from the city's public administration.

VERONA, ITALY, October 28, 2021 / -- On the month of October, the Verona section of PRO.CIVI.CO.S., the association of civil protection volunteers from the Scientology community in Italy, received an award from the city's public administration.

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Municipal Police, the president of the group, Pasquale Trotta, received a certificate of recognition from the mayor of Verona for their services to the city in the current times of need.

Over 530 hours of voluntary work in 2021 - and counting - plus another 510 at least when the lockdown closed us all in, but not the civil protection volunteers and many other people of goodwill who took on the task of assisting that part of society that was most fragile and in need of help at the time.

The Verona section of PRO.CIVI.CO.S. was formed in 2008 and since 2019 has been registered in the regional register of civil protection associations.

Who are the Volunteer ministers and the Pro.Civi.CoS. ?

Immediately following the tragic attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, hundreds of Scientology Volunteer Ministers from the United States set to work to assist in the relief effort at "Ground Zero", helping to organise and carry out the distribution of food and comfort materials to the rescuers and bringing some moral relief with methods developped by L. Ron Hubbard, to many distraught people.

In order to provide such help in situations of social need, in Italy it was necessary to form an association to properly work with the Civil Protection authorities.

In 2002, taking an example from their friends overseas, a group of Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Turin founded PROCIVICOS. - Volunteers for Civil Protection of the Scientology Community, registered in the Regional Register of Voluntary Associations and in the national list of the Civil Protection Department.

After a first brief experience following the Molise earthquake in 2002, the volunteers followed training courses during which they often began to collaborate with other associations more experienced in logistics and rescue and with local and national institutions.

In addition to participating in the material needs of Civil Protection operations, PROCIVICOS volunteers often help to improve the climate of cooperation, aggregation and human and moral support between volunteers and citizens even in the context of particular difficult situations.

For example, PROCIVICOS volunteers have participated in rescue operations in Sri Lanka in 2005, in Abruzzo in 2009 and in Emilia in 2012. They are always at the disposal of citizens even in situations of peace, such as during major city events or by contributing to the Colletta Alimentare.

The association is growing both in the number of volunteers and in the establishment of other groups throughout the country, creating a specialised network of volunteers in various sectors (secretarial work, rescue among the rubble, medical aid) in order to provide an increasingly qualified, effective and immediate service throughout Italy. For the past five years, they have been responsible for managing the secretariat of the School Camps organised by the Civil Protection Volunteer Commission set up within the VSSP service centre.

Finally, the philosophy behind PROCIVICOS' voluntary service cannot disregard the dissemination of public utility messages promoting common sense, mutual and environmental respect and a drug-free life as fundamental elements to prevent disasters, accidents and social tensions.

In this regard, the association is in fact co-organiser of a number of sporting and cultural events, such as the Corri al Balon (24 June) and the Maratonina della Felicità (30 November), which give space to the dissemination and adoption of these constructive behaviours.

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