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The New Paradigm Of CRE Investment: Covercy’s AI Fundraising Tool

UK & US, October 22, 2021 / -- -Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is ushering in a paradigm shift in commercial real estate (CRE) investment.

-Emerging AI-powered tools for CRE fundraising are significantly increasing the fundraising capabilities of CRE investment managers.

-Covercy, an investor management and banking platform, recently released one of the most advanced AI-powered fundraising tools on the CRE market.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to disrupt the commercial real estate (CRE) industry in dramatic ways. Indeed, the possibilities presented by this new and rapidly evolving technology represent a paradigm shift in the commercial real estate sector.

While CRE companies now have access to an unprecedented amount of data, this is only valuable if the data can be meaningfully analysed and acted upon - this is where the role of AI becomes particularly powerful.

AI is increasingly being harnessed by firms to perform critical functions such as market analyses and operational streamlining. Crucially, AI technology is also being deployed in the context of CRE investment. Leading commercial property companies are increasingly utilizing AI tools to secure willing and well-resourced investors, while a growing number of investors are also using AI to find viable and promising property companies to invest in.

To give a better sense of how firms at the cutting edge of the CRE industry can make use of AI to raise funding more efficiently and effectively, this article will take a closer look at one of the latest AI-powered tools for CRE fundraising, created by Covercy, a leading CRE investor and banking management platform.

Covercy’s AI-powered fundraising tool:
Covercy is a CRE investor management and banking platform that helps over 100 CRE investment companies to substantively enhance their investor relationships and fundraising capabilities. Covercy’s products operate based on the company’s unique CRE Banking Core architecture, which provides features such as streamlined distributions, payments, and capital call processing.

Covercy recently pushed the boundaries of technological innovation in the CRE industry by releasing an AI-powered fundraising tool that has the potential to fundamentally increase the fundraising capabilities of CRE investment companies. In an October 5th press release, the company’s CEO Doron Cohen explained that “AI-powered fundraising is a game changer for CRE investment managers”.

What does Covercy’s AI fundraising tool do?
Conventionally, CRE fundraising is laborious, requiring considerable time, energy, and resources. Investment managers typically have to phone or email dozens (or even hundreds) of individual investors, and in each case, managers have little or no basis for determining which investors are likely to be most interested in a particular project or deal.

Covercy’s AI tool enables CRE investment managers to exponentially increase the efficiency and efficacy of their fundraising efforts, and thereby to significantly decrease the time-to-investment ratio.

This AI-powered fundraising tool makes it possible for investment managers to perform finely targeted fundraising, by meticulously analyzing each potential investor’s strategic priorities, their appetite for risk, their expected return, and the timing of the proposition.

Based on this rigorous and comprehensive analysis, Covercy’s AI tool presents investment managers with a listing of potential investors who are most likely to provide funds for a specific project.

How does Covercy’s AI fundraising tool work?
Covercy’s AI-powered CRE fundraising tool operates on a sophisticated proprietary ‘neural network algorithm’ that the company has developed. The algorithm draws from multiple internal and external sources of data, and analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points to calculate the statistical probability that an investor will be willing and able to invest capital.

Like Covercy’s other products, the AI fundraising tool is integrated with the company’s robust CRE Banking Core architecture, and is highly secure. Covercy’s AI fundraising tool protects investor data through a comprehensive cybersecurity program, and through strict compliance with data privacy laws.

The AI fundraising tool is also integrated into Covercy’s Fundraising Module, which includes fundraising capabilities such as embedded subscription document e-signing. Covercy’s Fundraising Module also includes the only online payment processing for capital calls in the CRE industry.

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AI and CRE fundraising: looking ahead
AI fundraising tools have the potential to achieve dramatic reductions in time-to-investment for CRE investment firms. Adoption of emerging technological capabilities like Covercy’s AI-driven fundraising tool will likely become a prerequisite for success in the CRE investment industry over the next decade.

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