Marine Biota Batik Tells Indonesia’s Message to the World at Expo 2020 Dubai

Batik with Marine Biota Patterns

DUBAI, UAE, October 22, 2021 / -- Indonesia’s cultural heritage has been recognized in all parts of the world. Batik patterns have an incredible ability to imply a message and are often referred to as a place to tell stories through art as outlined in every symbol, color, and stroke of canting. At the Expo 2020 Dubai, Indonesia used this momentum to tell stories of Indonesia's abundance of marine life and continuous effort to preserve it. As the largest archipelago in the world with 70% of Indonesia's territory being an ocean, Indonesia has extraordinary marine biodiversity with more than 8,500 species of fish, 555 species of seaweed, and 950 species of coral reef biota.

"For thousands of years, Batik has been used as a medium to tell stories and share wisdom through art. Batik was once used as a symbol and a form of gratitude to the nature, animals, abundant resources. Through Marine Biota Batik, we are telling how grateful the Indonesian people are for the gift of mother nature and underwater natural resources that we have. When viewed, the blue color of this batik pattern depicts the ocean, while the symbols of fish, coral reefs, and seaweed represent the richness of Indonesia's marine life." said Siti Zunaiyah Budiarty, Batik Artist.

"Our presence at Expo 2020 Dubai is an extraordinary momentum, and through the marine biota batik demonstration, we aim to drive awareness on the importance of protecting the ocean, while inviting the world to build a sustainable life for the future of upcoming generations to come," said Sulthan Muhammad Yusa, Plt. Head of Division of Society & Civil Society, Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDPKS).

The marine biota batik exhibited to visitors at Expo 2020 Dubai was made using the innovation of bio wax paraffin - which is used as a substitute for crude oil-based paraffin wax to paint exceptional batik patterns, this innovation can give a brighter and sharper color to each fabric while the waste produced can be easily decomposed back into nature.

Batik painting demonstration at the Expo 2020 Dubai also attracted many visitors, especially children. Visitors can draw their own patterns and learn to draw batik at the Indonesia Pavilion.

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