New Perineal Massager Designed to Help Pregnant Women Prepare for Childbirth Launched by Perimom Ltd.

The Perimom Perineal Massager is registered with the FDA and has a CE mark to indicate it meets all safety requirements

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, October 19, 2021 / -- Perimom Ltd. is pleased to announce the official launch of its Perimom Perineal Massager. Perimom is the first and only perineal massager in the world to have both the FDA and the CE Mark.

Perineal massage: Highly supported but challenging to do

Supported by midwives, doulas, and healthcare professionals worldwide, perineal massage has been proven to reduce tearing during childbirth and also to lessen the pain experienced afterwards. Many mothers-to-be would like the opportunity to take advantage of perineal massage to enjoy a more positive birthing experience. However, the perineum is difficult to reach at the later stages of pregnancy making it challenging for most women to do. Some might ask a partner to help. But, for many, this may cause tension and embarrassment, and of course, sometimes there is no partner to ask.

Perimom empowers women to do perineal massage unaided

Made with ergonomic precision, the Perimom Perineal Massager empowers pregnant women to do perineal massage on their own, at their own convenience. It allows them to reach their perineum at the right angle to do the massage with ease. In addition, the device is designed with a smooth thumb-shaped tip to mimic the way perineal massage has been performed for generations.

So far, the company has received rave reviews for its product from numerous users.

“After using Perimom, I can safely say massaging the perineum is extremely easy and convenient to do,” says Jenny, a Perimom user. “The device is comfortable to hold and allowed me to reach my perineum completely on my own."

"I was delighted that I didn't tear!” states Yael, a midwife and user. “My midwife said that my perineum is supple and elastic."

The Perimom Perineal Massager and a corresponding perineal massage oil can be purchased on the company’s website. For more information, please visit

About Perimom Ltd.

Perimom Ltd. is dedicated to simplifying the lives of pregnant women across the world. The company was founded by Vered Dalal, a midwife and doula, and a multidisciplinary team of experts from the fields of product design, and marketing. Our flagship product, the Perimom Perineal Massager is simple device which empowers women to massage their perineum in preparation for childbirth.

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