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LaneAxis Files Patent for “Federal Transportation Network” Platform

Federal Transportation Network - National Map Showing Truck Locations

Federal Transportation Network - National Map Showing Truck Locations

Federal Transportation Network - Southwest Region

Federal Transportation Network - Southwest Region


Global pandemic, clogged ports highlight need of transparent trucking network for Homeland Security, other government agencies

We are proud to pioneer this effort... to ensure the security and stability of the U.S. economy and U.S. interests during times of national and regional emergencies.”
— Rick Burnett, LaneAxis CEO & Founder

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, October 15, 2021 / -- LaneAxis, Inc., a patented freight-focused SaaS platform powered by blockchain, has filed a provisional utility patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a “Federal Transportation Network” platform (FTN).

The FTN will be built on the foundation of LaneAxis’ existing proprietary and patented SaaS platform that provides direct connectivity and communication between shipping companies and carriers (trucking companies), eliminating the need for opaque and unnecessary intermediaries such as freight brokers. U.S. Patent # 9,928,475, officially titled “Shipper and Carrier Interaction Optimization Platform,” was granted full approval by the USPTO in March 2018.

The FTN will provide federal agencies real-time visibility and communication with each of the estimated 1.8 million licensed Department of Transportation (DOT) commercial trucking companies in the U.S. Further, the platform will provide the FTN a common, direct and all-encompassing communication link with each of those trucking companies and the estimated 4 million U.S. drivers holding Commercial Driver Licenses (CDLs) that work for those companies.

LaneAxis’ existing patent enables real-time direct communication with and monitoring of all active-duty trucks within the LaneAxis Network, making them visible on a map alongside all relevant carrier and driver information. This, in essence, drives the efficiency of the network and provides the technology and visibility required to build a single, unified Federal Transportation Network. The goal is to create a trucking network platform that mirrors the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which maintains perpetual real-time oversight and visibility over all airplanes in the U.S. airspace and beyond.

“The FAA knows where all planes are at all times, and has the ability to ground, dispatch and communicate with all aircraft at a moment’s notice,” says Rick Burnett, LaneAxis CEO & Founder. “It’s frankly a wonder that such a national network for the trucking industry has never been developed. We are proud to pioneer this effort, not only to improve the efficiency of the overall supply chain, but to help ensure the security and stability of the U.S. economy and U.S. interests during times of national and regional emergencies.”

The Department of Homeland Security is one of numerous government agencies that will realize transformational value and insights into the U.S. trucking industry, which remains largely mired in archaic processes such as phone calls, faxes and emails to move product.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed major flaws and fractures in the U.S. supply chain, with visions of store shelves stripped bare of basics such as toilet paper and disinfecting products seared into the national consciousness.

The supply chain crisis has surged recently, with scores of container ships anchored for weeks just offshore of major ports such as those in Los Angeles and Long Beach. While numerous factors have unquestionably contributed to the current supply chain chaos, a perceived “driver shortage” has been oft-cited as one of the leading problems. The issue of “driver shortage” versus “driver retention” is a long-running debate within the trucking industry.

“The trucks and the drivers are out there and available,” argues Burnett. “The real problem is one of network visibility – or more specifically a lack thereof. U.S. trucks drive more than 20 billion empty miles every year. More than 450,000 new commercial driver's licenses are issued every year. The conclusion is simple: there is plenty of trucking capacity out there, but no network visibility to find it, especially in a short time frame. This represents a major gap in the U.S. government’s supply chain infrastructure, and it is our goal to bridge this gap with the development of the FTN.”

Federal regulations now require the inclusion of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) in the cabs of all commercial trucks that operate across interstate lines. These devices, along with mobile phone GPS technology, allow for perpetual real-time visibility over all active-duty trucks. This is critical given that 91% of trucking companies are small and independent, owning six trucks or less. Many of those small companies are single-truck owner-operators. Finding and directly connecting with these “mom and pop” operations has long been a technical and logistical challenge – until now.

The LaneAxis platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain-backed smart contract functionality to identify available capacity as well automating the tracking of shipment milestones and documents, including proof-of-pickup and delivery. All e-docs are stored on the blockchain.

“For decades, the U.S. trucking industry has floundered in terms of technology,” adds Burnett. “The development of a Federal Transportation Network platform is beyond overdue, and LaneAxis is proud to spearhead this effort for the betterment of the industry and our nation.”

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