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Justice is on the Ballot: Make an Informed Decision for New Orleans Sheriff

Orleans Parish is the most populous in all of Louisiana, and is home to the eighth largest correctional facility in the nation. There is a heavily contested plan to build a new 89-bed jail facility on Perdido Street to treat people with mental health problems. Studies have found that incarceration can worsen mental illness, and that investing in treating people in their communities can be an effective alternative.

The proposed new jail would cost taxpayers at least $51 million to build. An alternative to the new jail is a plan proposed by the City Council to improve the current jail to meet the needs of people with mental health conditions, which would cost taxpayers significantly less – $9 million.

In addition, under the policy of the current sheriff, people in custody do not get free phone calls. Families spend millions of dollars on phone calls to and from incarcerated people in Louisiana. Charging fees for all phone calls makes it difficult to maintain family and community bonds and burdens families that do not have the financial means to afford these calls.

The ACLU does not endorse or oppose individual candidates, but we urge you to make an informed decision in this critical election.

This table views where Marlin Gusman and Susan Hutson land in opposition to constructing a new mental health jail facility and in favor of allowing calls from those in custody. Gusman lands on “no” for both and Hutson says “yes”

The ACLU is a nonpartisan organization that does not endorse or oppose candidates. This campaign informs Louisianans on candidates’ positions before they cast their ballot.

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