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Oxford Tech Start-Up ‘ELT Songs’ Raises £1.8m with Revolutionary Educational Tools


Jake Carter Founder of Planet Pop / ELT Songs with staff members

ELT Songs set to become a global player in education sector, with major educational partnering including newly-penned deal with Japan's TOKYO MX broadcaster.

Key elements in company's rapid success comes from solving issues of young learner's limited attention span. ELT Songs have been involved in research to make learning 'super cool' and 'super easy,'”
— Jake Carter
CAMBRIDGE, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, October 18, 2021 / -- Award Winning Oxford Educational tech start-up raises £1.8m with ground-breaking language-learning tools for children, and is about to take the world by storm.

Oxford's ELT Songs has raised £1.8 million to date from two strategic investors in Europe and Asia for their ground-breaking work, which takes the revolutionary step of teaching English language to children through the medium of pop music. ELT Songs looks set to become a global player in the education sector, with major educational organisations partnering up, including a newly-penned deal with Japan's TOKYO MX broadcast network for the company's 'Planet Pop' TV show. The agreement marks an astonishing opportunity for ELT Songs to take their music-based English language learning methods for children to a huge mainstream B2C audience.

As Jake Carter, founder of ELT SONGS points out: “We bring learning into the 21st century, with a truly unique ‘Netflix of Education’ approach. And what is better suited to motivate minds, stir emotions, and have a more powerful effect than amazing music and accompanying educational videos that compete with the fast-paced media content that children are becoming increasingly accustomed to outside of the classroom. Our blockbuster content simply blurs the lines between education and entertainment in a way that has never been done before.”
The start-up has already excelled and won awards such as Tech Edvocate's 2021 award for 'Best Language Learning App,' as well as The Academics' choice Smart Media Award. They have secured finalist spots for the prestigious GESS Education Awards in the categories of 'Start-Up Company of the Year' and 'Best Product to Promote Arts, Music and Drama in the Classroom.' ELT Song's innovative, cool, learning suite is the brainchild of founder Jake Carter, who occupies a unique position at the crossroads of education and music production.

With a degree from the famous Brit School of Performing Arts learning alongside the likes of the late Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis and Katie Melua, Jake has experience as a signed singer-songwriter, artist manager, music producer and record company founder, and has enjoyed opportunities to work with chart-topping artists. On the educational front, Jake has years of experience working with Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, and the British Council, creating engaging, music-based content for tens of millions of young language learners worldwide. It's the perfect combination for adding a contemporary and captivating twist to the field.

One of the key elements behind the company's rapid success comes from solving the issue of young learner's limited attention span. ELT Songs have been involved in exhaustive research in their quest to make learning 'super cool' and 'super easy,' and their strategy emulates many aspects of how pop music videos draw youngsters in to becoming fans. Holding the viewer's attention is not an issue within pop music videos because there are so many elements to maintain children's focus, from the beat, to the hair styles, the costumes, the lyrics and dance-moves.

These aspects make ELT Songs and their Planet Pop course irresistible to young learners, right up to 12 year-olds, and Jake Carter’s company have made sure that their learning tools, which also feature CBeebies favourites, do not focus on overloading kids with information, but just give them the 'right stuff of education,' thereby keeping them involved for no more than a few minutes at a time.

Explains Jake himself: “We are thrilled that the likes of TOKYO MX have come on board with our Planet Pop shows through, but it is the first of many such agreements on the horizon. Our history within pop music and the backing of the largest educational distributor in the APAC region, (Ig) iGroup, makes 2022 look like our breakout year, with our aim to increase our output tenfold. Already we have produced in excess of 350 learning videos in addition to non-curricular videos on YouTube and, by end of first quarter 2022, we will have increased this by at least a further 200.”

The Planet Pop project also brings together an array of other educational tools, providing teachers and parents with a 'blended learning solution' including off-line video workbooks and teacher’s guides, which have been localised, along with their web platform, in major international languages from Spanish to Japanese.

“Our books are an exciting aspect of our educational business model that makes 2022 so positive for our team,” elaborates Carter, ‘” the off-line workbooks and teacher’s guides have been written by best-selling authors in the educational sector, including Katherine and Steve Bilsborough, Helen Casey, Barbara Kay and Teresa Payman, as well as both Jo Ross and Hayley Thomas, all underpinning our core value of creating quality content which captivates childrens’ imaginations.” As Jake says, “content is King and engagement is Queen, and with our mission we make sure that we combine the best of both worlds. It's all about children and how to motivate them with a completely new learning experience. We make learning ten times more exciting and engaging and, therefore, we see happy children having fun and enjoying their learning journey and fast progress."

With ELT Songs content relating to the Planet Pop initiative all mapped to the Cambridge English Language Young Learner’s curriculum, the company is fully aligned to national and international educational structures. With a further 50 broadcasters across the APAC region requesting to license the shows, and an anticipated £100M valuation in 2022 and £10M Annual Recurring Revenue. ELT Songs is already in talks with major publishers, school chains, media houses, streaming services and NGOs around the globe, Planet Pop looks truly set to be the go-to platform online and beyond for children to learn in an attention-grabbing and inclusive way, with all their vocabulary training videos featuring British Sign Language.

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