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Global Bispecific Antibodies Market 2028 USD 20 Billion Opportunity

Global Bispecific Antibodies Market To Witness Exponentioal Growth In Futre Says Kuick Research

/EIN News/ -- Delhi, Oct. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Delhi,India: Global Bispecific Antibody Market Opportunity, Drug Sales, Price & Clinical Trials Insight 2028 Report Analysis & Data Highlights:

  • Research Methodology
  • Global & Regional Market Analysis
  • Global Bispecific Antibodies Market Opportunity Assessment: > USD 20 Billion
  • Market & Drug Sales Insight 2020 Till 2028
  • Approved Drug Patent, Price & Sales insight 2020 Till 2028
  • Commercially Available Bispecific Antibodies: 3 (Blincyto, Hemlibra) & Rybrevant
  • Approved Bispecific Antibodies Dosage, Patent, Price, Yearly Sales, Quarterly Sales, Global and Regional Sales Insight
  • Future Market Assessment Till 2028
  • Ongoing Clinical Trials Assessment by Status, Phase & Region
  • Key Market Dynamics
  • Competitor Landscape

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The healthcare landscape all over the world is shifting rapidly to a paradigm which is more inclined towards the use of antibodies in the treatment of cancer. The significant advancement in the field of science and innovation has allowed the development of bispecific antibodies which have dual binding affinity. Presently, only two bispecific antibodies have been approved among which Hemlibra occupies a major share in the overall bispecific antibody market.

The development of the novel bispecific antibodies as a potential therapeutic molecule has overcomed several limitations of the monoclonal antibodies as well as other conventional therapies. Their exceptionally small size has enhanced the penetration efficacy as well as eases the manufacturing process of these drugs. Moreover, these drugs are not associated with any adverse side effects which are mainly attributed to their high specificity and target ability. The approval of bispecific antibodies hasgreatly revolutionized the global market which can be justified by the robust sales of the drug since their approval.

The segment of bispecific antibodies is currently dominated by Hemlibra as it accounts for about 80% share in the overall bispecific antibody market. The growing popularity and the therapeutic potential of these molecules as surged the research and development activities in this area. Currently, several bispecific antibodies are present in clinical trials for the management of wide range of chronic diseases and are expected to enter the market in next few years. More than 300 bispecific candidates are currently present in preclinical/clinical development and are expected to enter the market in next 5-8 years.

Hemlibra is a novel bispecific antibody which is indicated for the management of Hemophilia-A. The bispecific antibodies have the unique ability to simultaneously bind to two epitopes. The dual specificity of the molecule provides a multifactorial approach which enables the researchers to better tackle the complex diseases including cancer. The dual binding efficacy of the drugs also opens up widerange of applications in targeting two different signaling pathwas, dual targeting of different disease mediators, and delivering payloads to targeted site.

Although the application of bispecific antibodies is currently expanding, but the overall market will be mainly restricted by the stringent regulatory guidelines as well as the high cost associated with their treatment. However, it was analyzed that various pharmaceutical companies have indulged in partnerships and colloborations to analyze the potential of bispecific antibodies in the management of rare chronic disorders. It is expected that in coming years, bispecific antibodies will grow at highest CAGR thus contributing to a significant share in the therapeutics market.

North America is the leading regional market which is mainly due to high incidences of the disease along with rising awareness among the individulas about the availability of novel therapies in managing them. Moreover, the presence of hub of pharmaceutical sector which actively indulge in research and development activities is also going to drive the future of the market. The overall bispecific antibody market is expected to witness high growth rate during the forecast period. In coming years, it is expected that the bispecific antibodies will overcome the conventional therapies and will expand their application in wide range of dieseases.


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Research Head


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