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Sókn Engineering at the forefront of the $20 billion predictive analytics market with their HyperFund Engine™.

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Sókn Engineering, Cassie Monaco, CEO & Co Founder

Cassie Monaco, CEO & Co Founder, Sókn Engineering

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CEOCFO Magazine interviews Sókn Engineering CEO & Co Founder Ms. Cassie Monaco on their Trading Platform that uses Proprietary Mathematical Algorithms

We have a very compelling innovation with our HyperFund Engine™. Who would not want to know today, price market movements of tomorrow?”
— Cassie Monaco

WHITEFISH, MONTANA, US, October 12, 2021 / -- CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview with Ms. Cassie Monaco, CEO & Co Founder of Sókn Engineering, an Whitefish, Montana-based FinTech company.


“We have a very compelling innovation with our HyperFund Engine™. Who would not want to know today, price market movements of tomorrow? There is so much out there today in what we refer to as the “front-end”. Anybody can get an app on their phone, the eTrades, the Robin Hoods, and start to trade but there is nobody out there that we are aware of yet to fill that void of the backend that guides the trader precisely to the price market movement. We are filling this huge void,” said Ms. Monaco during the interview with CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse. Continuing her thoughts on the HyperFund Engine and how it works, Ms. Monaco said, “We say that our mathematics and algorithms are highly complex, but the execution vis-à-vis the HFE’s output is simple. Sókn’s proprietary mathematics can entrap the algorithms of other mathematical models and react accordingly. We refer to our math as entrapment calculus. Entrapment calculus combines polymorphic sequencing, fractured and differential calculus, segmented vector calculus, and vector geometry. It is this math that allows us to entrap the market’s algorithms and generate data that has a standard deviation coefficient of less than one percent.”

In the interview, Ms. Monaco explained how they are able to use technology, “Just to give you an idea of how critical the coding of our math into software is, it currently takes hours to calculate a single set of data with which to execute a trade. Coding into software will reduce the time from hours to milliseconds, thereby allowing the user to execute on multiple times in a given trading period. Please keep in mind that we are not a trading company, we are a software company targeting the FinTech industry, or anyone looking to predict behavior.”

Asked if their math is affected by outside events, Ms. Monaco replied, “Our math is unaffected by outside events and does not use outside influences from the market or geo-political events. Sókn’s math objectively ciphers the market’s current primary algorithms, then entraps their algorithms and adjusts our algorithms to generate specific price targets. What this means is - the beauty of our math is that it dances in step with the market’s algorithms. When there are changes in the market’s algorithms, our algorithms adapt. Commodity market pricing is driven by algorithms, so whatever affects the market price, such as outside influences, our algorithms move in lock step because of the entrapment nature of our math. We chose crude light oil because it is a politically driven market, oil stabilizes the U.S. dollar, and because it is a multibillion-dollar market every day.”

As to potential customers for their software Ms. Monaco told CEOCFO, “Once the HyperFund Engine™ is coded into software, we will have several options available to us. We could offer it to an investment bank, hedge fund, private trading desk, or any institutional trading platform looking for a back-end solution; or to a strategic player like TD Ameritrade, E*TRADE, TradeStation or Robinhood, that could offer the HFE in their product offering as a back-end solution. We could also continue to build-out the robustness of our math and diversify our product portfolio into different markets and continue as a stand-alone entity. We believe our math is incredibly valuable across a broad spectrum of potential users.”

Asked about Sókn Engineering’s involvement with women in S.T.E.M., Ms. Monaco told CEOCFO, " STEM fields are made up of only 28% women and statistics tell us that women are being paid 40% less than their male counterparts in the same fields. We want to show women and young girls that there are many doors out there that they are capable of opening open. We want to give them that opportunity. Many women have brilliant thoughts, ideas, and innovations. We want to be able to help foster that by offering our resources to build on whatever they are doing. We enjoy working closely with these young women. This year we are offering a scholarship to a young woman from a local high school seeking to study a STEM field in college. In addition, we have another initiative mission that we will launch in the near future, it is very exciting and ties to our overall mission. We don’t do this because we seek attention, we do it because we believe in our mission.”

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