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Best ROI driven marketing strategies for eCommerce - YourRetailCoach Dubai

Best ROI driven marketing strategies for eCommerce

Best ROI driven marketing strategies for eCommerce

Any marketing strategy requires an investment. And we must calculate the return on this investment. Else it would be like shooting an arrow in the dark.

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PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, October 6, 2021 / -- Measuring the return on investment also tells us which strategy is working and which is not. In this pandemic world, it is more crucial than ever before to be adept with: eCommerce marketing strategy 2021.

Some Commonly used key eCommerce marketing strategies are:

Producing Original Content: Today marketing is all about content. Information dissipation is so easy and the amount of digital content that consumers consume is humongous. The richer and finer your content is, the more quality customers you would attract. Thus, using the help of professional content writers is needed sought quality leads. Customers also inherently value and appreciate “original” and “compelling” content more. Thus, the money spent on content writers can and should be used to ascertain the number of leads garnered and the business that these fresh leads have delivered (a Pareto rule of 80% of information and 20% of promotional should be used)

Optimizing Layout: Most eCommerce players feel the need to add possible features on a portal. That makes your portal

-> Heavy Pages -> Difficult for the customer to traverse

Instead of that, it is better to keep the page crisp, too the point and sharp. Get rid of the bloat on the page. The web pages of your eCommerce portal are also marketing your brand in a way. Thus, taking help from an expert can help you in deciding what is the necessity and what is non-essential.

Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter. Buzzwords in social media marketing. You simply cannot ignore the power that these social media channels generate in getting traction and possible customers. These social platforms are the new ways to remain connected. Publishing content(relevant) on your home pages, keeping your followers engaged all the time, sharing product information are some of the ways of social media marketing.

Advertisements: Placing Ads on social media platforms or aggregator platforms is also a commonly used marketing tool. Generally. ads can be of the following types

Pay Per Clicks: For each click that the customer does, you pay an amount(pre-decided) (Use PPC Management services as it is a professional’s job)

Banners/Carousels: Tiles depicting your overall brand. These are generally used when you are launching a new brand and not promoting an individual product. This comes at a lump sum one-time cost for a specific period.

Road blockers/App Blockers: at the homepage of an eCommerce portal a product is highlighted and the screen is held on that shot for a period of like 10 seconds. Forcing the customer to view that product. These are expensive as they hog the customer's eyeballs for a fixed 10 seconds.

All these various forms of an ad are measured by the click-through rates, conversion rates, and the business they generate. Depending upon the investment versus the business generated you could get an insight as to which strategy is working for you. Note, it would be incorrect to solely just measure the business generated. One should also look at the traffic and user segmentation (explained in next point)

User and Traffic: Presence on Social Media, Advertisements – all lead to generating traffic to your portal. This form of traffic is known as inorganic traffic. (that is, it is a pushed traffic). While consumers who come to your web portal without any push/nudge are called organic traffic. Having a keen eye on the growth of inorganic traffic is necessary to understand the efficacy of our marketing strategy. As the greater the number of people who visit your portal, the more chances of sales conversion. It is the role of layout design and product affinity that can nurture leads to a possible customer. Also, the website layout, brand appeal, and customer preferences would make these customers – repeat customers, who would then come to your website “organically”. For mature businesses or with vintage – you would ideally want the organic traffic or repeat customers to minimize new customer acquisition costs.

Other marketing strategies include email marketing and SMS marketing. Though the rate of return on these is comparatively low in today’s time, they still form a portion of getting a mind share from the customer.

Search Engine Optimization: Possibly one of the most crucial tools in today's time. There are certain keywords that the customer is searching for, and if these are used in your content/website, the search engine would throw up your result in front of the customer. Search engine optimization is one of the lowest-cost marketing strategies but with the highest Return Of Investment, you can deploy.

Google AdWords: Buying strategic google AdWords can lead to marketing for your products.

Personalization: Personalizing the webpage by analyzing the host of customer data that is available, can lead to a great marketing strategy. Developing customized landing pages, product pages makes the customer feel loved and gives the human touch.
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