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Secretive gas tax increase on working families is blasted by NM House GOP

Santa Fe, NM – Out of touch progressive politicians are at it again. After several failed attempts, eco-activists and their elected enablers are once more working to raise the gasoline tax on working families in New Mexico. The renewed effort is being led by a group of environmental organizations and activists who plan on “educating” Democrat lawmakers on the “virtues” of increasing fuel prices on virtually every New Mexican at a closed-door meeting tomorrow.  This private meeting will be conducted without any input from New Mexico’s working families, while progressive politicians and their environmental allies plan to strategize on how to garner enough support in the Legislature next year to raise the gas tax on already budget strapped families.

During the 2021 legislative session, when the so-called clean fuel standards bill failed to pass, it was predicted that this anti-working families legislation could raise the cost of regular gasoline by as much as 30 cents per gallon if adopted. Reports from other states that have considered similar legislation estimated the cost per gallon could increase by more than 57 cents.  For example, in California, which the clean fuel standard New Mexico Democrats wish to copy and paste, has gas prices well over $4.40 per gallon which compares to $3.15 per gallon currently being charged in progressive Santa Fe.  

In New Mexico, for a vehicle that gets 25 miles to the gallon while driving 10,000 miles annually and assuming the price of gasoline increases by 30 cents per gallon, this clean fuel standards legislation would result in every driver paying on average $120 more per year in fuel prices. However, that number jumps significantly for people throughout rural New Mexico who must drive greater distances than people who live in the Rio Grande corridor. These new fuel standards could cost several hundred dollars more per year for people in our state’s rural communities.

“While New Mexico’s economy continues to flounder with the fourth highest unemployment rate in the nation, Democrat politicians and environmental groups are forging ahead with their secretive plan for a massive increase in the gas tax on New Mexico’s working families,” said House Republican Leader Jim Townsend.  “These so-called ‘clean fuel standards’ are why Californians pay significantly more at the pump than we do.  Environmental activists and their progressive allies in Santa Fe will not stop until they completely alter our way of life.”

During the 2021 regular session, the progressive-led Legislature almost passed SB 11, the Clean Fuel Standards Act, but ran out of time at the end of the 60-day session.  Failure to pass SB 11 was a victory for New Mexico families, but it could be short-lived if the House and Senate progressive-bloc are successful in the upcoming session to pass this anti-consumer proposal. 


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