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Rod Jao: An Exclusive Look Into the Life of the Entrepreneur

Portrait image of Rod Jao

Rod Jao is CEO and Co-Founder of Allysian Sciences

RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, October 5, 2021 / -- It is rare to find a business tycoon who is as down to earth as Rod Jao. CEO and Co-Founder of the life coaching company Allysian Sciences is a man full of compassion and empathy.

To understand who Rod Jao is, we must go back in time. Rod Jao was brought up in a simple and humble household. While he was not rich as a kid, he did have what we can call a comfortable life.

He grew up in the Philippines. He saw many underprivileged people there who struggled to afford everyday necessities. This instilled a sense of responsibility in Rod Jao. He knew he wanted to be able to give back to these people.

How Did Rod Jao Become Who He Is Today?

Rod Jao always had a knack for business. It began as early as five years old. Rod Jao began selling comic books on the end of his street. This turned into buying wholesale candy and selling it outside his church. He then started marketing and profiting off the sale of stopwatches to the local schools. And later started doing the same for phones and catered to the local markets.

Rod Jao began understanding how the markets operated. Although he was at an age where most kids were worried about how cool they were or what party they didn't want to miss. Then at the mere age of 21, Rod Jao struck gold. He discovered Amway, one of the world's largest multi-level marketing businesses.

Rod Jao became one of the youngest people to have accomplished so much at such a young age. He leads his own direct-selling company. He has taken part in several public speaking events to speak to large crowds made up of thousands of people. And most importantly, he has aided in opening key international markets.

Rod Jao did not achieve all of this overnight. It took years of hard work and a passion for learning. That is exactly what has brought Rod Jao to the place he is at today.

The Ups and Downs of Rod Jao's Journey

Rod Jao admits that he has made countless mistakes on his journey to success. But he wouldn't call them failures.

Rod Jao believes that failure can only bring you down if you give it the power by giving up. Instead, if you learn from it and try again, then it is just a mistake. He believes that growth cannot spring from perfection. It is only in our greatest setbacks that we learn the most important of lessons. But it is all a part of living. And if you're not growing, you're not living.

Rod Jao believes in taking risks. Stepping out of your comfort zone is difficult for most people. But it also leads them to reap the sweetest fruits.

Rod Jao says that "Success finds you in the most unknown of places where no man has dared to venture. It is only when you take a leap of faith that you will get to the other side. The side that most people in our society can only dream of."

What Is Rod Jao's Philosophy?

It is a well-known fact that most successful people, if not all, follow a particular philosophy. And they follow it religiously. Rod Jao has many such philosophies that he lives by. These are just philosophies he has adopted by observing the people around him. Rod Jao believes in working through people. No matter if it is your friends, employees, investors, partners, or anyone in your life. You are not what you know but rather who you know.

Rod Jao has an exceptional global network that is astoundingly far spread. He believes that growth is best attained through other people. Rod Jao believes that treating everyone equally, kindly, and compassion has helped him fulfill his dreams.

Rod Jao feels that he was an arrogant, stuck-up, or reserved person. Then he would not have achieved all that he has today. He claims that "We are products of what we surround ourselves with." So it is essential to surround yourself with positive people, have character, and mentor others.

Rod Jao also advises that "You will learn so much more from the people around you who are humble and wise than the ones who are full of themselves and naïve."

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