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International Hemp Harvests AOSCA Certified Industrial Hemp Seed

Fiber Industrial AOSCA Certified Hemp Seed

International Hemp COO, Rachel Johnson standing next to a propagation field of the Bialobrzeskie hemp fiber variety

AOSCA Certified Industrial Hemp Seed Field for Grain and Fiber Hemp

A handful of International Hemp's AOSCA certified industrial hemp seeds

Fiber Industrial AOSCA Certified Hemp Seed

CEO, Derek Montgomery, showing the height of International Hemp's Bialobrzeskie fiber hemp variety

International Hemp has successfully harvested several hundred acres and produced hundreds of thousands of AOSCA certified industrial hemp seed in the U.S.

In 2022, we intend to produce 100% of our certified industrial hemp seed inventory in the United States by partnering with American farmers.”
— Derek Montgomery

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, October 6, 2021 / -- Despite a historically dry summer, International Hemp has successfully harvested several hundred acres and produced hundreds of thousands of AOSCA certified industrial hemp seed with farming partners in North Dakota and Minnesota. The two varieties produced, Henola and Białobrzeskie, were bred by the Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants in Poznan, Poland.

CEO of International Hemp, Derek Montgomery, comments: “We are very happy to report that despite challenging environmental conditions, our industrial hemp varieties performed well this summer. While extreme drought certainly impacted yield, especially on non-irrigated fields, overall our domestic production was a big success. In 2022, we intend to produce 100% of our certified seed inventory in the United States by partnering with American farmers. While we still receive breeding seed from the Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants, the increasing cost and delays from international shipping expedited the need for this transition to domestic production.”

Białobrzeskie is a monoecious, dual-purpose industrial hemp variety that has historically been cultivated for its high-quality, textile-grade bast fibers that can be used to weave hemp yarn and fabric. A 2019 Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance study found Białobrzeskie to have the highest percentage of bast fiber compared to other European industrial hemp varieties.

While it has taken a few years for the domestic hemp fiber supply chain to develop, there is now considerable effort being undertaken to advance production techniques, quantify fiber yield, and qualify material standards. After harvesting certified Białobrzeskie seed, International Hemp swathed and baled the remaining stalks for fiber samples. International Hemp will have over 100 bales available and will absorb the shipping cost of these bales this year for any processors interested in conducting hurd research and development. The sample fiber bales will be available for shipping by the end of October.
Henola is a high-yielding, monoecious grain and oilseed industrial hemp variety. Industrial hemp variety trials at universities across the U.S. have found Henola to consistently yield among the highest quantities of grain per acre. In 2020, a North Dakota State University study at the Carrington Research Center reported a Henola yield of 1,720 pounds of grain per acre, the highest yield of the varieties at the location. A 2020 Cornell trial reported an average Henola grain yield of nearly 2,000 pounds per acre. Further, in 2021, International Hemp’s European partners have reported 2.6 metric tons of grain production per hectare (more than 2,200 pounds per acre).

International Hemp produced certified hemp seed production according to strict AOSCA standards. Proper seed production of a monoecious variety can be labor-intensive and requires strict field isolation. To ensure genetic purity and weed-free production, AOSCA conducts two inspections: once at mid-grow and once just prior to harvest. “Farmers understand the value and assurance of AOSCA certification, likewise for bankers and insurance providers. Ultimately, for industrial hemp to be treated the same as other row crops, like corn and soy, the use of AOSCA certified hemp seed will be paramount,” says Mr. Montgomery.
International Hemp has the largest inventory of AOSCA certified industrial hemp planting seed in North America stored in climate-controlled facilities in the American heartland in Iowa. For more information on the Bialobrzekie and Henola certified seed varieties and ordering seed from these domestically produced AOSCA lots visit

About International Hemp

International Hemp is a U.S.-based agricultural producer and distributor of Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (“AOSCA”) certified industrial hemp seed. The company is focused on building the domestic infrastructure for hemp food and fiber. In 2021, International Hemp sold certified hemp seed to farmers in more than 45 states, Canada, Latin America, as well as non-profit researchers and land grant universities.

Forward-Looking Statements

By 2022, all of International Hemp’s commercial inventory in the United States and Canada will be domestically produced and AOSCA certified. International Hemp intends to continue licensing and developing the highest quality, highest yielding hemp genetics in North America. International Hemp is partnering with food and industrial manufacturers to spur continued expansion of hemp processing with a mission to plant 1,000,000 acres of industrial hemp by 2025. International Hemp is actively seeking strategic partners to develop hemp food, fiber, and carbon credit markets.

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