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Pedro World Citizen Unites People With Reggae Music

Pedro encourages people to see the world as our common home and view ourselves as a World Citizen

USA, October 3, 2021 / -- Pedro, with his soulful message and world reggae sound, invites people of all cultures and backgrounds to collaborate for the greater good of humanity. Planet Earth, "our common home," should be united by a single banner: World Citizen, our human right.

Bringing Unity Through Music & Ceremony
Pedro's music is an uplifting celebration of love and life by creating an inviting and sacred space during performances. An acacia table with special elements is placed as an offering, each having its special meaning. Pedro explains that the “Bowl of water reflects the infinite abundance of our offering and what we cultivate with our hearts' intention. A lit candle illuminates the purpose of our lives, in guiding and reminding us of who we truly are. The burning of incense inspires us to elevate every word, thought, and action. A Loaf of Bread is a symbol of unity, representing life's oneness and coexistence.”

As a rising reggae artist, Pedro became identified with world reggae as a genre deeply rooted in matters of spirituality, social change, and unity. On religious, racial, gender, and political issues, Pedro advocates for a better understanding of our diverse humanity. By being more open to the experiences of others, we can better acknowledge one another.

Who Is Pedro
As a child, Pedro wished for world peace. He sees people as members of the same human family, regardless of where we come from or what we believe. This desire inspired Pedro to believe that one day he would be able to design a more inclusive global voting system that truly included all people worldwide. “If we give everyone a direct voice in world affairs, we will have a more unified global voice.” Pedro works toward not only reconciling opposing worldviews, but also to learn more about various aspects of our shared World Culture.

Pedro has traveled to 34 countries in his life, broadening his world perspective and transforming him into a World Citizen. This journey has led him to perform and record songs based on a diverse range of meaningful and sacred writings by incorporating different viewpoints from various continents around the globe. He is committed to continue sharing messages of unity in the healing power of music. Over the course of his life he has taught music in over a dozen cities to children, youth and adults while encouraging them to play in their local communities. He also creates, coordinates, and organizes artists, providing opportunities, platforms, and resources to uplift and inspire others. Through all of his endeavours as a way of helping to provide more opportunities for others, he has established himself as an entrepreneur.

What Is Next For Pedro
Pedro is currently performing in various venues throughout the Pacific Northwest, gaining the support of others who also see themselves as World Citizens. He cherishes the hope that, one day soon, we will no longer be divided by religion, nationality, race, or gender.

Pedro has been a headliner at the World Beat Festival, one of Oregon's largest multicultural events, attracting over 25,000 visitors each year; played on the main stage of Make Music Day, attracting a mass appeal of musicians and audiences from around the world; and at the Northwest World Reggae Festival with some of the world's top reggae artists.

By the end of 2021, Pedro will be releasing his next album “Shine” along with the next trend of “World Citizen” merchandise.

If you want to learn more about Pedro World Citizen or catch his next performance, follow him on any major social media platform at @ifollowpedro.

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