Crooze and mxHERO Announce Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Customer Experience Solutions on the Box Content Cloud

Crooze & mxHERO partner

Crooze & mxHERO partner

Crooze & mxHERO offer email security, content management, contract lifecycle management, and metadata document library solutions atop the Box Content Cloud

We believe we will continue to see an acceleration in the market around these fundamental solutions”
— Mark Lane, Co-Founder, Crooze Inc.
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, September 29, 2021 / -- Today, Crooze, Inc. and mxHERO, Inc. have announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the development and delivery of key customer, employee, partner experience solutions. These solutions, built for the Box Content Cloud, include email security, content management, contract lifecycle management (CLM), and metadata document libraries.

Under the partnership agreement, both Crooze and mxHERO will offer customers the unique ability to accelerate end-to-end workflow and business operations-centric solutions powered by the Box Content Cloud's API integrations. Crooze focuses on accelerating complete content lifecycle delivery and business solutions when clients bring their strategic document libraries such as contracts to the Box Content Cloud. Crooze solutions include Metadata Document Libraries for rapid Management, Information Retrieval & Reporting, along with end-to-end enterprise Contract Management Lifecycle (CLM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) to provide clients with an experience-rich work process capability when combined with Box's unique enterprise content management and collaboration capabilities. "We believe we will continue to see an acceleration in the market around these fundamental solutions as organizations continue to adopt Box as their preferred cloud-based enterprise-wide content management platform. We also believe that full end-to-end work process automation and packaged solution bundles sitting on top of the Box platform will further extend the Box Content Cloud's collaboration and automation advantages for our customers at the application experience layer. Box is a valuable partner to Crooze. We aim to expand the value of Box for our customers via a broad set of pre-packaged application use-cases powered by Crooze's end-to-end work process orientation. Our customers win when we deliver rich experiences for users with pre-built application capabilities and power it with the Box Content Cloud." said Mark Lane, Co-Founder at Crooze.

mxHERO is a former Box Elite Partner of the Year and 2x winners of the Astors Platinum Award for Best U.S. Homeland Email Security Application. The firm is the creator of the Mail2Cloud digital bridge providing a unique and cloud-based solution for customers seeking to bridge the gaps between their enterprise content management strategies and their team's use of legacy email. Through mxHERO's digital hygiene and content capture capabilities, customers expand the value of their investments in content cloud platforms, improve their ability to collaborate, and perhaps most importantly, become more secure from security breach risks.

"mxHERO is in a unique position to expand our customer security and collaboration potential around at-rest, and in-flight content shared via email. When we can extend the power of platforms like the Box Content Cloud to include email's digital content, that's a win for our customers. When we further extend these capabilities via our partnership with Crooze, we accelerate our customer capabilities around workflow automation and the solution-specific outcomes they seek. Whether via a more enriched metadata and content discovery capability, a DAM solution, or via enterprise-wide CLM solutions - all these experience packages will be able to benefit from an mxHERO integration. As we seek to expand these solutions to novel HR workflow automation, partner relationship management solutions, procurement and accounting solutions, and multi-app search and discovery across an enterprise's entire suite of digital content, inclusive of email, customers win! Email is the most ubiquitous app in our eco-systems. It is only natural that we partner with Crooze as we mutually aim to rapidly deploy business unit-centric workflow solutions on top of the powerful Box Content Cloud. When we can do that and enhance our mutual customer's security posture, that's also a win. We are excited to partner with Mark, Alan, and the customer success-focused team at Crooze on this new journey." said Alexis Panagides, CEO and Co-Founder of mxHERO.

mxHERO and Crooze will be announcing new integrations between their platforms as early as Q4 2021. All features now generally available from both Crooze and mxHERO are accessible to clients effective as of this partnership announcement.

About Crooze
Crooze Corporation is a recognized leader in Content Applications for Box. Our secure cloud-based applications and solutions are the #1 Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Metadata Document Library systems built on the Box Content Cloud. Crooze's Metadata Document Library capabilities empower you to deploy metadata-centric applications quickly or migrate legacy applications (like Microsoft Sharepoint, OpenText, or Hyland) to the Cloud. Getting started is simple with Crooze Quickstart services that can help you get implemented in days or weeks instead of months or years with legacy approaches. Since all your content is stored in Box, you can leverage all Box has to offer, including industry-leading security. Today, Crooze powers thousands of users in small to large organizations. For more information, visit:

About mxHERO
mxHERO is a two-time winner of the Astors Award (2019 and 2020) for Best U.S. Homeland Email Security Applications and a former Box Elite Partner of the Year. The company's flagship offering, Mail2Cloud, is a cloud service that automates the capture and intelligent routing of email and email attachments to targeted cloud content management platforms, including the Box Content Cloud. mxHERO compliments existing security and cloud solutions by intelligently capturing all emails or email attachments (both inbound and outbound traffic, from any device type, operating system, or platform) with no end-user intervention, no software to install, and with no workflow disruption. The company's digital bridge provides workflow automation, email-based content insights, governance, and retention policy automation, and a unique ability to capture legacy at-rest email-based content from user inboxes and archives. With its unique digital hygiene offering. By auto-extracting sensitive email-based content, the security threat surface for customers is reduced or eliminated. Applications developed for mxHERO's Mail2Cloud platform work with any email management program, including Gmail, Office365, and Microsoft Exchange. More than 13,000 companies with over 1,000,000 users have enhanced their email management capability and improved their security posture with mxHERO's solutions. Website:

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